‘Alleged’ reason Why Nicola Sturgeon Didn’t Attend Afghanistan war memorial service – I was told she was in Dunblane


Nicola Sturgeon (File image)

Nicola Sturgeon (File image)

This is aimed at the UK/Scottish Media for telling lies about Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP. Sure she didn’t attend Afghanistan war memorial but an SNP member was at all memorials. While the memorial was going on Nicola was ‘Allegedly’ at the 19th Anniversary of the Dublane Massacre. For all you corrupt lying media men and woman this is for you, The Daily Mail article (Below) tells half a story. I have edited this for now, nearly 4am, can’t sleep, I retract for now Nicola was 100% in Dunblane, But I was told by a few people, I read it from others all over Social media.

EDIT: Now I was told by a few today Nicola was at Dunblane, I seen the Daily Mail tell half a story. The SNP Page below puts to rest ANY argument the SNP did not show respect to everything that is/was going on over the weekend. We know at for sure the SNP at least were at all and every event. Dunblane included. I will be honest I am trying to find Nicola at Dunblane and can’t but it is way past midnight. If anything I showed the Daily Mail article link below told a lie. If Nicola was in-fact NOT at Dunblane I will edit this page, but lets be sure with the SNP Link below that all events are and will be covered by the SNP. If I am wrong I will retract and edit. But I have proven below the SNP have and will cover every event over the weekend. I will ask, how many came up from Westminster or Buckingham Palace to lay anything at Dunblane?  Also, if she was or wasn’t really isn’t a big thing because someone from SNP was. I will source Sunday and post. Let us not argue over dead soldiers and murdered children. Many are saying she was indeed @ Dunblane, if not I still showed the Daily Main for political point scoring over 2 issues that hurt and make people sad. Daily Mail was wrong either way



Here are some headlines from UK Media who refused to research, ask or use common sense, IF it was CORRECT and Nicola went to the 19 year anniversary of Dunblane, would we be surprised at Media? I will leave a report by the Daily Mail below and other media who gave Nicola a hard time. Lets be sure here, the SNP had someone or will have someone attend all memorials. For the right reasons Scotland. It is deeply sad for all who died in War, Nicola sent someone from Scotland, some read the headline and give me a hard time. LEARN THE STORY, READ THE STORY. We can be adults here, so I will be adult and Edit. If I am bold enough to claim through 3rd party then I above nor below saying ‘I was perhaps wrong’ Scotland sent down an SNP Member judging by the SNP Site. Let it be known I as a Scotsman have friends in all branches of military. I respect them, but for Scotland and the SNP we had our own memorials, for now I have proven Daily Mail were wrong as were a few others in links below, so the point of my article is still relevant. Big Media get it wrong also, check: http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/90417/Dunblane-We-re-sorry I will ask also if any Westminster based MP’s came to Dunblane, did any Royals show up for Scotland’s darkest day in recent history? It works both ways yeah? 1:1


I heard from people @ Dunblame who said Nicola was there. This is from SNP Site. Media telling the truth? No!

I heard from people @ Dunblame who said Nicola was there. This is from SNP Site. I will know tomorrow for sure!


Dunblane for people unfamiliar 

Tears Of The Angels||Dunblane Massacre
Via JonBenetAndKelsey on You Tube


This is why Scotland don’t do guns and after Dunblane we banned them all


The Daily Mail have told half a story here, are we surprised? I am not, screen from SNP site tells us this



It’s an insult say families as SNP chief Nicola Sturgeon snubs Afghanistan war memorial service

  • Nicola Sturgeon was invited to the service to honour those who gave their lives in Afghanistan
  • Hundreds of bereaved families and veterans arrived at the memorial at St Paul’s Cathedral this morning
  • But rather than attend, Ms Sturgeon chose to meet council leaders in Scotland – and tweet about her kitchen
  • Families of the 38 Scots who died while fighting criticised the SNP leader calling it ‘an insult’ to their loved ones
  • Memorial service was held to mark the end of 13-year conflict in Afghanistan and attended by several senior royals

Families of Scottish soldiers reacted angrily yesterday after Nicola Sturgeon snubbed a service to honour those who gave their lives in Afghanistan. The First Minister was sent an invitation by the Ministry of Defence to attend the service at St Paul’s Cathedral but declined it. Instead of attending the service in London, Miss Sturgeon chose to meet council leaders in Scotland – and also found time to tweet about her kitchen.

In addition, the Scottish National Party leader did not attend a service in Edinburgh’s Canongate Kirk, which ran in parallel with the London commemoration, claiming she was not invited. Families of the 38 Scots who died while fighting in the 13-year Afghan war criticised Miss Sturgeon, saying it was ‘an insult’ to their loved ones.

Widow Yvonne Cameron, 46, was at the service in Edinburgh to remember her husband, Colour Sergeant Alan Cameron of the 1st Battalion Scots Guards, who died aged 42 after being wounded by a roadside bomb in Helmand province. ‘I thought the First Minister would have been there,’ she said.

Her father, Stan Jackson, 71, said Miss Sturgeon should have been at the London service.‘I think it’s an insult,’ he said. ‘This is one of the most important things to do today. This was a one-off. Local politics can wait.’ Denise McCallum, whose brother, Lance Sergeant Dale McCallum was serving with the 1st Battalion Scots Guards when he was killed by the Taliban in 2010, said: ‘It isn’t right that she didn’t go.’






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13 comments on “‘Alleged’ reason Why Nicola Sturgeon Didn’t Attend Afghanistan war memorial service – I was told she was in Dunblane

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  2. i understand why some service families find it offensive that Nicola did not attend the Afgan event, but this is because the British Media did not state the full facts as to why she did not attend, she sent her representative in her place as she was attending the scene of an historically evil event that was perpetrated on the children of a town in our own land, the other Parties and the media should hang their heads in shame…


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