Have Russia been taken over in a coup? This info ‘suggests’ so – ‘Allegedy’

peculation: Officials claim Nikolai Patrushev is behind the plot to oust Vladimir Putin

Speculation: Officials claim Nikolai Patrushev is behind the plot to oust Vladimir Putin

Via: Above Top Secret  Via user SkepticOverlord  And users on the page. These 2 link open & http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/vladimir-putin-been-neutralised-security-5338390 I first seen this story yesterday with rumours the Russians had pulled out of their London Embassy then within a few hours rumours started to surface about where exactly Vladimir Putin is. I have heard he died, he has Cancer, he had a child with some Gymnast or the one REALLY doing the rounds as I type, Russia has been taken over via a coup with claims Nikolai Patrushev being behind this ‘Alleged’ coup. I know a lot of people who live in stories like this who would usually say “Nahhh” They are real worried, they are Americans and Europeans. I am totally unsure what is or might have happened here but I think with all the research and reading I have done it would be fair to say “Something” has happened. What that something is, is being speculated, below are some images I got a hold of myself, the first 3 are the Articles I did yesterday and today, below are from the ATS source. I have a belief system the Media, the lying media will make you look left so you don’t notice what is going on to the right. Again everyone in Scotland now understands a crooked Media, the rest of the World will know by now also. I really don’t know what to make of all this. If it is a coup my first worry would be ‘Who has access to the big ref Nuclear button’ I say that because many on forums and social media have expressed the same thoughts. As things stand all I can offer is what is here. The media, main stream media has ran this story. I will check for more stories and tweets and keep my eyes on SkepticOverlord over at ATS as well as a ton of other places. Someone told me Yesterday “ATS is a rubbish source”  Well I have been on there 10 years, the place is full or real smart people. But of course there are other sources and links. I guess this is one we need to be watching judging by what I am being sent and have seen and researched. We must also get the line between fact and fiction, rumours and news. For now we have ‘Something’ But I have no idea what. What do you think? Please go and research yourself, open Google and put in key words and do the same on You Tube. I have been asking for a few month now if there is an argument that the World is indeed at War today. After a ton of research I found Switzerland, Japan, Qatar, Mauritius, Uruguay, Chile, Botswana, Costa Rica, Vietnam, Panama and Brazil are NOT involved in a war or civil war. That is kinda jaw dropping. Out of 162 countries only 11 Countries are not at war. So we apply logic and use our minds, WWIII has begun? Many believed we would see a Nuclear WWIII, it is not that it is a War or economics. As we all know  WWII 61 Countries were involved. We look today and 151 Countries are either in/at or in Civil War, I think it is fair to say “World War 3” has begun All WWII Links I have from my page, just me talking out loud https://shaunynews.com/?s=WWIII&submit=Search what we see below is more than that, I just don’t know what, if anything at all, but hundreds of people maybe more are talking this story up just now

Rumours Russian Embassy in London was closed, all staff back to Russia

Rumours Russian Embassy in London was closed, all staff back to Russia

Unconfirmed: Russian Embassy staff in London have all left for Russia – Rumours Putin HAS DIED!


Russian officials furiously deny rumours over Vladimir Putin’s ‘disappearance’

Where are you Vlad?

Where are you Vlad?

Has Vladimir Putin Been Overthrown In Russian Coup?

Breaking News: Russian Coup? ‘Putin Neutralized’ By Security Chiefs Staging A Secret Coup?
Via Mister Enigma on You Tube

Some overnight images and worrying tweets


Near the Kremlin, the Novodevichy Monastery


Novodevichy Monastery

Novodevichy Monastery


These are starting to appear all over


Below Via Source: http://thewatchtowers.com/chief-bodyguard-of-putin-viktor-zolotov-confirmed-dead/ Sources in Moscow confirmed the information about the death of the chief guardian of Russian President Vladimir Putin, General Viktor Zolotov. Reported journalist Alex Mochanov, news reports “Press Ukraine”. “The information about the death of the chief guard guarded main contact person my sources in Moscow confirmed”, – said TV presenter. As you know, the last few days of the communication chief of Interior Ministry troops of Colonel-General Viktor Zolotov was absent. In this regard, the rumors of his death. According to some information soon on the Board of the FSB , Russian President Vladimir Putin had to appoint General Viktor Zolotov hehead of the FSB. However, this did not happen because Russian President did not attend teboard. Recall Colonel-General Viktor Zolotov from 2000 to 2013 worked as head of the Security Service of the President of the Russian Federation. And in 2014 became the first Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs – chief of the troops of the Russian Interior Ministry


President Vladimir Putin General Viktor Zolotov is reported to have been killed

I am to believe this is confirmed (But not yet for me)

I am too believe this is confirmed (But not yet for me)


VIDEO: Novodevichy Monastery Moscow

Source: Several large trucks were parked near Kremlin Square on Saturday morning were fueling wild rumors connected with Putin's absence.

Source: Several large trucks were parked near Kremlin Square on Saturday morning were fueling wild rumors connected with Putin’s absence.

‘Claiming’ to be Video of US Army Convoy 14.03.2015
Via Claboo Media on You Tube




Putin on record saying he was preparing for War: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/vladimir-putin-says-russia-was-preparing-to-use-nuclear-weapons-if-necessary-and-blames-us-for-ukraine-crisis-in-crimea-documentary-10109615.html


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14 comments on “Have Russia been taken over in a coup? This info ‘suggests’ so – ‘Allegedy’

  1. in the US, many ( among me ) believe LBJ was involved in the Kennedy assassination – so a coup is certainly possible. Russia is so corrupt now – I wonder who would be behind it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Tough one mate. Getting news out of Russia is very hard. He spoke (As we know now) But there is still something here, still some story. Good call on JFK I think we all know it was from within. Imagine an America where JFK and his Brother who was killed also both served 2 terms each. What would that America be like?


      • Here’s the link where I name the book. We heard about it from a friend who was an FBI agent, now retired. He said the man who wrote the book was a straight shooter, and a good agent.

        The agent who wrote the book believes provides evidence that supports a coverup – at the time Kennedy was going to dump vice-president LBJ, and replace FBI director Hoover.

        The agent had a suspect who was likely involved, but received orders that he was to interview the suspect and was only allowed to ask five generic questions.

        The suspect was later murdered.


      • I don’t think we can be 100% sure on the story Bill. I believe stories are told and over time they get distorted and what was said is not as was. I can’t see this being LHO alone. Logic and just critical thinking tells us so. I believe so anyway mate.


      • Good to be cautious, however the writer was the FBI man who investigated the story. Still, one always needs to think, remember how Google had the motto “don’t be evil” yet we now find that they skewed search results to exclude competition. Power corrupts, corporations and governments unless there are checks and balances.


      • I can’t argue with you there. There are browsers out there nobody can get past. We just need to find them mate. Freedom exists, we have to see first.


  2. I saw footage of Vlad the Impaler on television last night with some foreign dignitary or other. He looked pale but certainly not dead. However, there may well be a large body of political thinking within the Kremlin which sees his foreign policy strategy as counter-productive, and the financial situation Russia finds itself in at the moment cannot be helping his cause. Is his public image slipping? His popularity with the electorate has always been his strength, but that can dissipate very quickly when the money runs out…

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  3. I think it’s possible to get up too close to the problem. Without in-depth expertise, I can understand why Putin would want to distance his national currency from the dollar, given the speed with which the Ruble was flying downhill last year and earlier this year and the reluctance of his home economy to trade in the native currency. The petro-dollar is just another necessary step in that process, in my opinion. Both his and China’s economies are a bit on the ropes at the moment, because U.S. is now virtually self-sufficient in oil and Europe is trying desperately NOT to trade with Russia. Add in the crisis caused by the falling price of oil and Vlad’s biggest mistake, the intervention in Ukraine, His expansionist policies were right for the repossession of Crimea, so he imagined the Eastern Ukrainians would similarly welcome him with open arms. It hasn’t happened.
    All these issues are niggling away at his power base. He did look the other day as if he was ill, but he may have just been recovering from flu. Mind you, political flu can be deadly in Russia, if the antedote is not administered quickly, and he seems to be a little too idealistic for his own survival…

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