Met Investigated Over Child Sex Cover-Up Claims

Police and MPs were allegedly involved in child sex abuse - leading to high level cover-ups by Scotland Yard, it is claimed.

Police and MPs were allegedly involved in child sex abuse – leading to high level cover-ups by Scotland Yard, it is claimed.

Via: More links below as we get lied to about this awful story.

I have a hard time believing any of this will result in mass arrests of anyone in any walk of life, all it takes is some ‘Nobody’ to get arrested and that person will name names to save their own skin, but I can’t see that person being allowed to live. I am not saying people are being killed here, just an educated guess, I guess. In a perfect World a court case has begun and the dock is full of men we know who are looking at REAL jail time and a taste of their own medicine in prison. Make no mistake, any well known person to get jailed over this will have a VERY hard time in prison. The links below are pretty much the same as this. We will see if ANYTHING at all comes out of this. Do expect the dead and unimportant to be called out first


Scotland Yard is to be investigated for alleged corruption over claims it covered up child abuse because police and MPs were involved. The Independent Police Complaints Commission will carry out the investigation into the actions of the Metropolitan Police.

There are 14 referrals which detail alleged corruption dating back to the 1970s and stretching to 2005. Sarah Green, deputy chair of the IPCC, said: “These allegations are of historic, high-level corruption of the most serious nature. We will oversee the investigations and ensure that they meet the terms of reference that we will set. “Allegations of this nature are of grave concern and I would like to reassure people of our absolute commitment to ensuring that the investigations are thorough and robust.”

A Met Police spokesman said: “The MPS (Metropolitan Police Service) recognised the severity of the allegations, and the importance of understanding whether or not our officers had in the past acted inappropriately, and therefore voluntarily referred the 16 separate allegations to the IPCC.”

The allegations referred to the IPCC include:

:: A claim that a Parliament document found at a paedophile’s address linked a number of “highly prominent individuals” including MPs and senior police officers to a paedophile ring but no further action was taken.

:: The allegation an investigation into young men being targeted in Dolphin Square, the apartment complex popular with MPs, was stopped because officers were “too near prominent people”.

:: An allegation that an account provided by an abuse victim had been changed to omit the name of a senior politician.

:: A claim that a dossier of allegations against senior figures and politicians involved in child abuse was taken by Special Branch officers.

:: The allegation that police officers sexually abused a boy and carried out surveillance on him.

Scotland Yard is currently investigating allegations that a paedophile ring of high-profile figures – including politicians, law enforcement and military officials – operated in the 1970s and 80s. Detectives from Operation Midland are also investigating claims the murders of three boys, aged between seven and 16, are linked to the alleged abuse centred on Dolphin Square in Westminster. Speaking after the IPCC investigation was announced, Sky’s Crime Correspondent Martin Brunt said: “Just when you thought this couldn’t go any deeper, it does. “For some time the police themselves have been looking at corruption but because of the severity of the allegations they have passed it on to the IPCC.”


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