Meet the Richest Man

We could all learn something from this amazing man. Anne this about made me cry (You know how sensitive I am :D) But really this is astonishing. He didn’t take too much “Give to someone worse than me” Such honesty while in Deprivation. I have to reblog this, this Indian man has the same heart as I have. Money is evil, if you have it and you are not careful it will ruin your life. We all need money, but we must be cautious with what we wish for. I have seen money kill people. This video for me just tells me what my soul already knew. There is ‘Individual acts of kindness’ in this World, often we have to look hard to see them, but the wonders of kindness and love are feelings we must embrace more as a species. Every country has a guy like this, an honest poor person. This made me feel how this video I will share with you made me feel..

Thank you for sharing this Anne…JUST WOW..Blew me away
Please find time and give this video a watch, it will restore your faith in the human spirit


This is the Incredible India that I can’t get enough of !

Thanks Judy from Amritsar!  Safe travels for you and Ash!

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