Nicola Sturgeon says England has nothing to fear from SNP

Nicola Sturgeon spoke to the BBC's James Cook in Irvine where she was born and brought up

Nicola Sturgeon spoke to the BBC’s James Cook in Irvine where she was born and brought up

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Really good honest video from Nicola via the BBC. I was surprised she was able to be as frank and open and the BBC aired it. The BBC asked hard questions and she answered them. She told she was scared of dogs and opened up. She mentions growing up under Thatcher and why she walked away from Labour as a teenager. The Labour Party will tell us today “We won’t take SNP seats in Westminster to gain control of the UK” I firmly believe the whole  reason Alex stepped down and will go down to Westminster, breaking a promise to his wife was done so because the SNP believe the chances of the SNP having the 3rd biggest UK seats in Westminster is a real and probable. Labour however fear for these seats to get them into UK power would mean the full ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ and full home rule for Scotland will be what the SNP offer for a Labour Government. Labour say no now but did we ever imagine the Liberal Democrats would give to the Tory party? I would have thought before hand they would have handed Labour their seats in a coalition government. This is a good, frank open discussion with Nicola Sturgeon and the BBC’s James Cook. She was even asked about the ‘Wee Lassie wi a tin hat’ remark by Labour MP David Hamilton, she laughed it off but in reality if did labour no favours. I also added the ‘p1$$ off’ remark made on live TV to a Scottish voter again by a labour PM this time David Martin. I think we must get these two remarks viral to people who are not part of groups or read blogs because as we all know the media don’t report all that we see and hear in cyber space, lets make sure the Red Tory are seen for what they are these days, no more than a Tory mimic party struggling to find their own identity in England and knowing they have lost the branch office in Scotland. But the tide has turned against the Tory party, people have had enough austerity so I expect radical change and I think this change all started on September 18th 2014, Scotland may have lost the referendum vote but we changed the face of British Politics for good, imagine the SNP being the 3rd biggest party in Westminster, in-fact don’t imagine, expect it. I know English friends who have told me they wish they could vote SNP as they are sick of the 2 party English ways, so watch this space me thinks!


The first minister of Scotland has said people in England have nothing to fear from the Scottish National Party. However, Nicola Sturgeon told the BBC’s James Cook that her party could be expected to “assert itself” after the 7 May general election. Recent polling has suggested the SNP will win most of the 59 Scottish seats at Westminster. This has led to speculation that the SNP could play a power broker’s role if there is a hung parliament. The Labour Party has ruled out a formal coalition with the nationalists and the SNP has ruled out doing any deal with the Conservative Party.

In the BBC interview – which is part of a series with the UK’s party leaders – Ms Sturgeon was asked what message she had for voters in England.

There is nothing to be frightened of from the SNP – wanting Scotland to be independent is not turning our back on England.” She said: “There is really nothing to be frightened of from the SNP. Everybody knows we want Scotland to be an independent country – but wanting Scotland to be independent is not turning our backs on England. “Scotland has been told this, repeatedly during the referendum, that we were an integral part of the UK – our voice was to be heard and mattered and what we thought really counted. “So don’t be surprised if Scotland wants to take those Westminster politicians at their word, and say OK, we want to assert ourselves and try and influence the direction that politics in Westminster takes.”

Thatcher era

Via BBC News  Nicola Sturgeon says England has nothing to fear from Scottish


Nicola was asked about 
David Hamilton, Labour MP’s ‘tin hat’ jibe at Nicola Sturgeon mocked – Labour Sexist Party?

David Martin Labour MEP tells voters to “Piss Off”
Via: 38 Degrees on You Tube

Ms Sturgeon spoke to James Cook about her formative years growing up in the Ayrshire town of Irvine. She got the political bug early in life and was campaigning with the SNP from the age of 16. The 44-year-old said: “When I grew up here the Tories were in power. “Margaret Thatcher was prime minister. There was a sense of real, almost hopelessness. “You had the prospect of leaving school and maybe never getting a job.”

Five facts on Nicola Sturgeon

  1. Nicola Sturgeon says she irons her husband Peter Murrell’s shirts.

  2. The first minister is “terrified” of dogs.

  3. The 44-year-old spent many happy Saturday evenings as a youngster at Frosty’s Ice Disco. “It was fantastic – I loved it.”

  4. The MSP says she gets upset by disparaging comments – “I’m human, shock horror,” she adds.

  5. Scotland’s first woman first minister says there is still a long way to go for women “making progress” in society. She says: “I want to help change this for the better for women, from all walks of life.”

However, she said turning to Labour was not an option for her. Ms Sturgeon explained: “I think even back then it just seemed to me that Labour wasn’t able to offer real protection against the Tories. “For me it was: what’s the point of voting Labour if you’ve got, I think in those days it was 50 Labour MPs, but they could do nothing to stop what Mrs Thatcher was doing? “And that very directly is what led me to think, well why should we have governments that we don’t vote for? Surely it would be better if Scotland was independent, choosing our own governments.”

Cabinet minister

She said her support for Scottish independence did not stem from identity or culture, but rather a belief that Scotland as a nation should be in full control, politically and economically. Ms Sturgeon added: “What I don’t argue is that Scotland is better than any other country or that we have got higher values than any other country.” Nowadays Ms Sturgeon divides her time between her home in Glasgow and Bute House, the official residence of the First Minister in Edinburgh’s New Town. She has been a member of the Scottish Parliament since its creation in 1999 and prior to her leadership was a Scottish Cabinet minister from May 2007 until just after the referendum in September 2014.



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