Edinburgh Cop refuses to shoot gun in public: Stabbed

The Police incident on Princes Street caused delays to the trams

The Police incident on Princes Street caused delays to the trams

Via: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/armed-police-officer-chose-stabbed-5367176#rlabs=7 More links below and I added images

Because I write a lot about how much Cops in the USA shoot to kill this article might help American people understand why I write about why I believe America has turned into a Police State. First we must understand what a Police State is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_state then find as many precedent’s to what a Police State is then use informed and educated real stories to ask “Is this a police state” Here is what I write about #PoliceStateUSA https://shaunynews.com/?s=police+state+USA&submit=Search We can look back to the beheading of Lee Rigby in London, the 2 guys who beheaded Lee then ran at London Police with huge machetes, in the USA these 2 are dead but in the UK the police are trained ‘Shoot to maim’ always trying to not kill people and the record in Scotland is superb, I can’t remember once where the police shot and killed anyone. This is a totally cultural thing. This story is is about a Scottish policeman with a loaded gun, being stabbed repeatedly and didn’t shoot the criminal, but because there was a street full of people he took the stabbings in-case he mistakenly shot innocent people. For people in America reading, this is what a democratic country actually is, we can’t have our police/cops running around killing people and getting away with it. For Scottish people reading who complain about our ways, trust me we have it good here, democracy is real in Scotland.

London Police shoot to wound, both men who beheaded Lee Ribgy are in Prison
Via The Mirror on You Tube


THE firearms specialist’s gun remained holstered throughout the attack to save bystanders from being hit by a bullet

AN ARMED Edinburgh police officer let himself be stabbed repeatedly rather than draw his pistol and shoot the attacker. The firearms specialist kept his gun holstered during the horrific attack in Edinburgh city centre to save bystanders from being hit by a stray bullet.

Assistant Chief Constable Bernard Higgins revealed the details to MSPs at Holyrood yesterday as part of a Police Scotland strategy to quell fears over armed officers routinely patrolling the streets. Two armed officers on routine patrol had been alerted by a member of the public who saw a man with blood running down his face on a bench near the bottom of The Mound last July. Higgins said: “One of my officers was stabbed four times. Despite suffering  a frenzied attack, both officers still used their professional assessment and their judgement.

Panoramic image of Princes Street, Edinburgh's heart with Edinburgh Castle left and above

Panoramic image of Princes Street, Edinburgh’s heart with Edinburgh Castle left and above

“In my view, they would have been justified in using their conventional weapon against that individual – but they didn’t. They brought him under control and they subdued him by other means. Even under the most intense attack, the training these officers received allowed them to make an assessment and they realised they could not go to their conventional weapon. If nothing else, it assured me first of all of the courage of the officers and their utmost professionalism even in the most intensive circumstances.”

The attacker was said to have been acting strangely and punching himself in the head.

Police Scotland Chief Constable Sir Stephen House

Police Scotland Chief Constable Sir Stephen House

Police eventually used a Taser stun-gun to subdue him on Princes Street. The injured officer was stabbed in the shoulder, Higgins revealed during a meeting of a Holyrood justice sub-committee. MSPs reminded the senior officer that not all decisions to deploy firearms have been welcomed.Four armed officers ordered a 91-year-old from his car at gunpoint after stopping him on the A9 near Inverness in 2013. They lowered their weapons when they realised he didn’t pose a threat. Police Scotland Chief Constable Stephen House was criticised two weeks ago when it emerged armed officers attended more than 16,000 routine incidents since October. Higgins said it would be unreasonable for the specialist officers to ignore potential crimes unfolding before them. The assistant chief constable revealed that in total, Police Scotland had received more than 5000 complaints since May, ranging from incivility to use of excessive force.

Not a sight Scottish people are used to seeing. Thanfully

Not a sight Scottish people are used to seeing. Thanfully





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10 comments on “Edinburgh Cop refuses to shoot gun in public: Stabbed

  1. Shaun, as far as I’m aware Lee Rigby was NOT beheaded? Although if something is said often enough it becomes the truth.


    • I am very unsure he was too. People, woman, were walking past looking at him my friend. No cried from Woman or anyone. I actually think you are correct. Often when I add something I just go with what was to get the story out. But I think you are correct. Go back over the video’s it was VERY VERY ODD..Calm, strange calm. If any woman I know walked past a beheaded man I am 100% sure I would hear a scream. There were none. The whole are was as if it had been gassed or given some stimuli. I wrote about it at the time..Hard one to write mate. People believe what they hear. I would side with you on this one, but the general public wouldn’t.



      • Yeah Shaun, a very very strange one indeed! I don’t know if you read Spivey, he has done a detailed report on it and it has brought him severe grief from the authorities……obviously touching on some sensitive areas for the ptb. He has been harrassed and arrested and is awaiting trial for allegedly harrassing people who are not who they claim to be 😉


      • Yeah I seen some of it and from others. I thought at the time some Gas had been released into the air as everyone was so calm. If that happened in my street or a busy street near me it was be mayhem. You are spot on as is Spivey, something happened that day we were not to know. I think the people who look for lies in a truth (Like me) ask these questions. But we must be careful. I am careful always with this here.



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