Ronny seeks to keep Denayer a Celt

19 Year old has been a sensation this season

19 Year old has been a sensation this season

Shaun Gibson

Shaun Gibson

Interesting one here, Jason Denayer has one year of his Manchester City contract left to go at the end of this season, meaning if Ronny gets him on loan next season also we are in with a chance of signing the kid. Manchester City Development side coach Patrick Vieira has said he is keeping tabs on Denayer, but realistically we must understand the reality of how good he is, Manchester City won’t give this kid away even if they feel he has no real future at City. I believe the answer is no, he has no future at City, they buy in the best. Up here in Scotland he has been unbelievable for Celtic and Ronny has said openly he wants to keep Denayer for the final year in his City contract 2015/2016, pretty much the same as we are doing with John Guidetti, the stumbling block is of course what Manchester City want to do. Manchester City buy the finished article these days and the chances of Jason getting game time is slim and he will know this. Even though he is a class apart and a future to dream about, he needs to be playing to improve, can Ronny pull some kind of deal off here? Maybe similar to the one with Barcelona and Marc Crosas where the deal was, if Marc did well Barcelona had a buy back deal for a certain amount of years.

Manchester City Development side coach Patrick Vieira

“When I watch Jason playing for Celtic, or Marcos Lopes playing at Lille, it makes us really proud. The way they are performing let’s me know we are doing things the right stuff, and adding The object is to provide players for the first team, but we know the gap is massive from under-21 to the first team – but this is one way we can get them there

Even Manchester City know the chances of Denayer getting into the first team is going to be hard.

Ronny stated to media yesterday 

“Jason has had a good year here and I still think he should stay here for at least half a year. Hopefully we go through the Champions League qualification and he can be part of that. To take him away and have him sitting on the bench at Manchester City would not be good for his career. I talk with Jason a lot, but it’s not just about us and him, it’s about what Manchester City think also. He will go back there for pre-season, but we will see what is possible after that, if we can do something. If he does well down there and starts playing at City it will be tough to get him back. He will try to do that and you never know what could happen, but if you’re in a good place and are developing all the time, then it’s important to appreciate that and not go somewhere else and sit on the bench again. Money is not the important thing and Jason does not think like that, to develop, to play and get the experience is the most important thing for him.”

Reading between the lines I think Jason would like to stay at Celtic and if we can win the treble with the amazing team spirit we have this might just sway Jason to try and stay at Celtic for his final contracted year at City, if so the ball is in our park, if Jason is buying into Ronny’s Celtic we just might have a chance here. Here is hoping



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