Gaza Genocide Remembered – Eurovision Song Entry From Hungary – Israel Try To Stop And Fail

♫ ‘Wars For Nothing’ ♫

♫ ‘Wars For Nothing’ ♫


This coming May the annual Eurovision song contest has caused a bit of a stir with Hungry and Israel, Hungry and their singer Boggie are going with “Wars For Nothing” Below is the song with Lyrics for people who won’t understand the hard English it is sung in. Below is the Video that has been made already. This is favourite to win the competition. Below the songs you will see Israel tried several times to get this performer and song banned, but failed. The yearly contest goes ahead and the song and lyrics stay in. Makes you wonder why Israel wanted the lyrics changed. I ask you watch the 1st video and you tell me what lyrics Israel wanted banned. Guilt is a big thing, hiding your ways is bigger, Israel didn’t get their way and won’t in Europe these days, most if not all of Europe want Palestine recognised as a sovereign state so Israel best get used to hearing “NO”

Eurovision 2015 / Boggie – Wars For Nothing LYRICS
Via nelli297 on You Tube


Real Video-Eurovision 2015 / Boggie – Wars for Nothing-no lyrics
Via eltuntek1980 on You Tube

Israel protests Hungary’s Eurovsion song contest entry, a song entitled ‘wars for nothing’  which includes condemnation against the 2014 Israeli operation in Gaza. DesertPeace reports: Israel is protesting Hungary’s Eurovision entry, which includes condemnation against Operation Protective Edge and mentions the number of Palestinian children killed during the 2014 Israeli military campaign. Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor turned to the Hungarian broadcasting authority, expressed his country’s reservations over the planned song and asked that the problematic segment be removed.

The Eurovision Song Contest will be held in May in Vienna, Austria. Hungary’s song this year, “Wars for Nothing,” will be performed by a group of three singers led by Hungarian singer-songwriter Boggie. The song has an anti-war message, focusing on the victims of violence and wars in the world. One of the captions in the song’s video refers to Operation Protective Edge, stating: “2014 – Gaza – two-thirds of the victims were civilians, including more than 500 children.”

Although Israel isn’t mentioned by name in the song, Ambassador Mor asked the Hungarian broadcasting authority to remove the sentence about the Gaza war, explaining that it is seen as an “inconvenient” political message against Israel.


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