SNP win council by-election in Glenrothes with 55% of vote over Labour’s 36%

Craig Walker with a show if things to come!

Craig Walker with a show if things to come!


This is the start troops, the first of many nails in the Scottish Labour coffin. I think the SNP will do even better than expected on May 7th. Excited I am but with both feet on the ground. Now lets work hard for the next council.


The SNP have seized control of council affairs in Glenrothes after taking victory in a crucial local by-election. Its candidate Craig Walker was declared as the fourth ward representative for Glenrothes West and Kinglassie in a vote that sees the party take control of the town’s area committee.

The ballot was expected to be close but at a tense Fife House last night Mr Walker secured victory by 896 votes — a result which could have huge ramifications on how the town is run. Clearly delighted with the outcome of his campaign, Mr Walker said: “The one thing that has resonated from the campaign is that people don’t think that they are being listened to.

“As a local councillor I will listen to people and that is the message we’ve been putting across.” The ballot had been prompted by the death of Labour councillor Betty Campbell in January, leaving the town’s area committee finely poised with five Labour members and five SNP members.

As the body which controls much of the town’s affairs, victory for the SNP provides it with a high-profile platform from which to attack the Labour-led administration. Five candidates contested the ballot although it was always likely to be a two-horse race between the region’s leading parties. Now in control of local affairs, the SNP has already admitted that victory last night will provide a huge boost as it seeks to overturn a huge Labour majority at the general election in May.

Despite his defeat, Labour candidate Alan Seath said that he had enjoyed the election experience. “It’s been fantastic,” he said. “I’ve gotten to know the people in the ward and a lot of them really want to work with you. They are the greatest asset to the area and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. It was yet another miserable election performance from the Liberal Democrats, with their candidate Jane Ann Liston securing just 61 votes.

Result (turnout  32.59%):

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