Young and working class backed Scottish independence, new research finds

The over 65's lost Scotland freedom

Many of the over 65’s lost Scotland the referendum


Poll after poll is showing the SNP could fill Holyrood, have a record number of members in Westminster. Labour could lose 80% of Holyrood seats. The article I did a week or so ago stated similar figures The push for votes starts officially on Monday. So far everyone has spoken, made promises and told  the usual garbage. The SNP have been quiet and I think will be low key as they have a strong tide of support behind them without the need to promise more. Interesting few months ahead. This article is breaking down what we did in the referendum and look at the 65+ section, NOT ALL, had that been 20% the other way Scotland would be free from the Union, we were very close. I believe another chance will come sooner than many think and I think through May 7 voting Scotland will get the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ and the ‘Vow’ given in full. Watch this space I am guessing. Also, this article is NOT saying “All over 65’s lost the referendum for Scotland” However it does point to that age group where more no voters were voting. I know many over 65’s who votes yes and hardly any who voted no, kinda surprised us all when the results come in. THE POINT of this article is to make sure next vote we are informed. These are my words, all the words under ~~~~Story~~~~ is the official story from the link above. So please, I am not, would never and wouldn’t hear ANYONE blaming all over 65’s, let us now come together and vote SNP on May 7th INFORMED! 


THE LARGEST survey focused on Scotland’s independence referendum has found that a majority of young people and those on lower incomes voted Yes to Scotland becoming an independent country. Referendum survey suggests that age and social class were key to referendum result

The poll of over 5,000 people was released today by political researchers and found that age, social class and identity were all significant factors in how social groups voted in last September’s referendum. In figures covered by The Daily Record, every age group under 50 recorded a majority in favour of independence. The highest support for independence was amongst 16-19 years olds at 62.5 per cent.

The lowest support for independence was among those over 70 years old, where around one in three voters supported change. Voters who identified as ‘working class’ also supported independence by 53.6 per cent in favour to 46.4 per cent against. 56.5 per cent of those on the lowest incomes voted Yes in the survey.

The lowest support for independence was among those over 70 years old, where around one in three voters supported change.

Top and middle earners, as well as those who identified as ‘middle class’, were more likely to oppose independence when surveyed. National identity also provided a strong correlation to political views on independence. While only 10 per cent of those who considered themselves only ‘British’ supported a Yes vote, 88.6 per cent of people who identified as ‘Scottish’ voted in favour. Men were more likely to support independence than women. A narrow majority of men voted in favour of independence at 53.2 per cent, while only 43.4 per cent of women voted Yes. The survey conducted by the University of Edinburgh also found that those from a catholic faith or those who were atheists were more likely to support independence compared to those from a presbyterian background.

10 comments on “Young and working class backed Scottish independence, new research finds

  1. Shaun the fact is the YES campaign didn’t convince the over 40’s! so stop this the total garbage about the over 65’s, we lost because we couldn’t convince the 40 to 64 age group, of which there were 1.85 million, and less than 0.85 million of them voted Yes, if we had convinced them in greater numbers we would have won the day.

    The over 65’s( that is 65 to 90+) ,of which there were 0.89 million, of which less than 0.5 million voted No. So those in the 40 -64 age group who either voted No or didn’t vote was almost twice that of the No voters in the 65+ age group.

    A lot of my friends are, were and still are advocates of Independence. So the 40 to 64 age group has twice as many voters than the over 65 age group, so hardly their fault (the over 65’s) now is it?

    Whereas even in one of the few YES areas, a lot of my friends in the 40 to 64 age group were anti Independence. So don’t just look at the ‘Bar Graphs’ do a little bit of thoughtful research. Oh I do drop into your blog on occasion and generally I am in agreement with what you publish.

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    • Fair comment. But I do believe people were scared, mis-informed and easily lead by a willing media. Listen mate I have chatted with HARD CORE Loyalists over this, face to face with a fight close. I don’t debate hate and I believe we should always respect others opinions..
      This is how silly it got Ray

      You are correct my friend. We lost fairly. But the groundswell since will see home rule (At least) by 2016.

      This is the state of Labour today. SNP will get 50 seats at Westminster and Labour will have 5/10 in Holyrood.
      Polls were spot on on lead up to referendum, and if believed now, this is likely the outcome.

      What will be will be. No voters were and are annoyed they were lied to, many I speak to through where I write for Edinburgh/West I have heard so many people angry at Gordon Brown. He asked Labour friends to sign a petition to get the things he promised into power..He failed then retired. Scotland learnt a lot last year. We are a clever people my friend.
      Andrew Marr tore Jim to bits in the article video above. Jim knows he may lose his seat.

      And research? I do this for a living my friend. I don’t hate, I don’t tell lies I put down the truth with proof. It is then up to others to decide what is right for them mate yeah?
      1,000,000 Views on ShaunyNews in less than a year tells me I am doing something ok. And as a disabled lad I get a lot of satisfaction knowing I can make a difference. All I know now is Yes would win tomorrow. As I say often we are a clever species us scot’s. We invented the World.

      Here is where I am:

      I get abuse often but I was an East of Scotland manager when I had to stop football so it goes over my head. Death threats I laugh at because REAL hard men just do the job.

      Here, this is why I am who I am today:
      Before you claim to know me, try and actually know me buddy..Only fair.. You can’t judge from 10 articles out of over 25,000

      I hope you had a good weekend chief, 🙂


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