A Visual Truth On Scottish Politics #GE2015


Seen this on social media and had to share. What the media will not show us Scotland IS THIS! I remember the last US Elections it was the same with Ron Paul. He was packing out halls with 10,000 people while everyone else spoke to 1,000. We must make sure everyone can see this image below. For the sake of our lying media, our lying politicians and more. The SNP have grown out of Scotland and actually have English people wanting to vote for them. Now I know they can’t but don’t underestimate the change in the political system in the UK and Scotland, we as a nation here in Scotland are waving goodbye to Labour and the Tory Party for good, we will have other options. Do not be fooled by what the media and politicians are about to throw at us Scotland! BE INFORMED! Again people will be pain be the Tory party and the Tory party to distract and distort the truth on social media, they are easy to spot, when you see one, shout them out, I will be!


We past 100,000 SNP Scottish Members, Labour are closest at 20,000 members in Scotland.



”THIS” IS THE TRUTH SCOTLAND!!! This is where we sit or stand, this is what we WON’T be shown


Why no SNP we will have more seats than the Libs

Why no SNP we will have more seats than the Libs

For now…


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5 comments on “A Visual Truth On Scottish Politics #GE2015

  1. Hopefully the power of the mainstream media has been broken. The lies told for so long during the referendum campaign has now switched most people of to anything the unionist parties are saying. If the yes alliance votes SNP then a large number of seats will fall. Can’t wait for election night.

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    • Yeah it will be interesting to see how clever Scottish people have become. I think it could be better for (SNP) than anyone thinks. Nicola seems very sure.. Cheers! Good Comment!


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