Why Hate MUST End Somewhere, Sometime In Our World – Religion Kills Us All


Hate is a horrible thing, only for the select soulless few. Being called Shaun, supporting Celtic and living in Scotland can be a challenge at times, I don’t hate Rangers, hard too as they died 😀 I am half joking here. I have been called a ‘Fenian B@stard’ told to ‘Go Home the famine is over’ when I am like 2 mile from home, and all the rubbish of the day, my thoughts on these people I don’t hide. I don’t hate, look to the right at the images and scroll down, look at the image I use as my banner, I don’t hate, it’s more teaching myself about life, people and what certain things can do to our World. These Protestants/Christians you will see in the Video below are flying the Union flag, now I have no problem with anyone flying a flag but the motives of why they carry a flag can be more telling. The guys in the video below are mainly young kids or guys late teens early 20’s, some of them are probably tough lads but I have always held the belief they are only so tough in groups. During my life I have been left alone with one of these ‘Never been to church’ Christians who fly the Union banner yet every time they are always cool on their own, never nasty, not even a joke, but leave me with 2 of them and it will end in a fight when I eventually think “Ack enough of this nonsense” Well the video below was a very small minority of no voters, very small but still annoying and the media never call them out, strange yeah?

Hours after Scotland referendum no Vote and out the came

Hours after Scotland referendum no Vote and out the came

These “Unionists/Loyalists” in Scotland – Facts



I had the pleasure, sorry displeasure of getting to meet real bigoted sectarian racists up close and personal last night. I seen one comment from some woman and it was highly offensive towards Muslims, this came from 6 different Americans out on an internet fishing trip. Now I can only speak for my country but we don’t get fooled into hating every walking talking Muslim in Scotland via our TV news or any race of people. Sure Scotland has Catholic and Protestant issues but compared to what I witnessed last night Scotland does not have big problems, up until last night I thought some of the stuff being said was bad in Scotland till I had the misfortune of running into a group of Christians/Protestants from the USA, it was incredible, the hatred towards Muslims was misguided and very uneducated but what do we expect from the most vocal country in the World sitting at 27th in the World when it comes to Education, there were things said I just won’t share, I blocked but unblocked to get a few comments, is it just me or is these highly disgusting sectarian comments? I won’t lose sleep, I am just asking. The internet never fails to surprise or shock me


Beware Europe, Islam is coming to get us!! American bibles have foretold this horrific story! Yeah it’s not funny but it makes you wonder about people



Check this “Muslims suffer from Sharia law” than others. So who is getting hurt here? Europe or Muslims? Or this fools credibility to say “I am human”



The Koran says no such things in the way he is talking, coming from an American, probably with a Gun and ironically, a country that kills people still! #DeathRow



I know the guy is from the USA but he is speaking like he lives in an ISIS controlled territory. I don’t get these people. Need to turn the news off!


The lack of education in these people was really sobering in terms of how I look at the USA. Don’t get me wrong I know some amazing people from the USA and many who have moved from Scotland to the East Coast for example.  Over the last year I have tried to think “What exactly has happened to the USA and it’s people” then I realised quickly last night what it was. I shared a video some time ago where some kids I was told were the smart kids in the USA. They were asked who they want as POTUS in 2016, every one of them said Hilary Clinton and that is fair, we are all allowed an opinion and a vote. Then the same kids were asked “Why should Hillary Clinton be the next President Of The United Stated Of America” This is the video below, this is the upcoming new generation of a country that has Nuclear capability, I don’t say to American people you should worry, I say to the World “You should worry” Here is why, these poor kids had no idea why they wanted Hillary as President, one kid said “Well we had an African American, it’s only logical we have a Woman next” This is the same America that stomps around the World forcing Democracy on Countries and people when in-fact the people in these countries are happy, they are fine, leave them be!! Look to Iraq, believe it or not before the 2nd War that got Saddam hung the people had Schools, College, Work, Homes, Mortgages, Cars, Pets, beautiful homes, they had what you and I have. Iraq had issues but so does all countries, how dare the USA and England stomp into an illegal War and kill a people and country for all time!!

America. This is a HUGE PROBLEM!! – Video
Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Struggle to Name Her Accomplishments
Via PJ Media on You Tube

I know some decent American people don’t fully understand why I write about their country but I hope this helps. Religion, yeah our old friend religion has ruined this World we live in, but religion is just a word to describe something, the people within religion, not all, but mostly are the problem. I have seen lately more than ever how American’s truly believe they are the centre of the World and all things must happen on the say-so of America, but I have also seen an amazing thing happen in America and that is people looking away from Religion and the propaganda the news tells them and seeing the World for what it is, not what they are told, America you are able to go and do anything but until you understand you have a problem then it can’t be fixed, my country has problems and we have lived through worse for over 15,000 years, history has taught us, maybe the USA is just too young a country? I live in a small country called Scotland and we want to vanish into the background of this World yet still try and win in industry, import and export, all things important, sport also, Football, (Soccer) is huge over here. We don’t want to be a super power, we don’t want to rule the World, we are just happy we are not the worst country on Earth. A video was made by Scottish actor and all round good guy Martin Compston for Scotland’s leading political party the Scottish National Party (SNP) and it speaks perfectly for Scotland. We are educated, we have knowledge, we learn from our mistakes and we are fully aware of issues we need to change. We are lucky in many ways Scottish people don’t understand, we pay not a penny for Healthcare, Dr’s appointments, Medicine, Hospital visits for any issue, all free, because we demanded it from Government here in Scotland. We have one of the top 3 Education systems on Earth and when you look out of Scotland you see evil and wrong doings we don’t fully understand, but we see it as hatred. In Scotland we laugh and have fun, nothing is ever really serious, we don’t take much serious, we value our life, our land and our people. This video is what the typical Scottish Person would think or say. Also it was filmed in part at my home city of Edinburgh.


Who’s going to stand up for Scotland?
Via Scottish National Party (SNP) on You Tube


I hope you don’t hate me for writing this, if you do you only serve to prove me correct, I wish we had a World where sure people had horrendous comments but could at least tone it down and say it with no hate, sadly the American TV Media creates hate, division, racism and more. I did an article about ‘Selma’ The story of Martin Luther King and the right of the (As they say in America) the blacks to vote. Common and John Legend speak about the things I write about every other day. Why? The 2nd video was live at the Oscars, the song ‘Glory’ speaks about a division and problem still simmering at the top in the USA. I don’t make things up, I share news with proof, search my blog I always link stories up

‘Glory’ and ‘Selma’ – A Song To Cure Racist USA – Deal or Ignore

Words spoken that EVERYONE in the USA must listen to

Words spoken that EVERYONE in the USA must listen to, Glory!!

Common & John Legend Powerful Academy Awards (The Oscars 2015) Speech Transcript
Via Jack Sze on You Tube & Jack Sze


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