Margo MacDonald – A year on since we lost a true politician


Do it for MargoOur thoughts today are with Margo’s Husband Jim Sillars and their daughters, Zoe and Petra. Hard to believe it has been a year since we lost one of the people to help the SNP and Scotland to where we stand today. She fought for the people, she cared for the people, she served the people, she typified SNP Politicians. We see Westminster Labour/Tory and others, highly paid politicians cheating the country out of OUR MONEY in the shape of the expenses scandal. The ideology of the SNP is to be better than the old guard in Westminster, Margo helped this happen. Some SNP Politicians give a % of salary to Charity as others from other parties claim £2 for light bulbs or £10,000 on a new kitchen for a 2nd home. She so wanted a free Scotland, end to Austerity and a free, fairer Scotland. She embodied the spirit of #IndyRef

macdon8The year of my birth 1973 seen Margo make history by winning a strong labour seat in a Glasgow Govan by-election. Margo laid the groundwork for what Alex will do in Westminster, Nicola does today, how John Swinney has delivered a world record 7 years in a row balanced budget, Margo had a hand in it all. Had it not been for Margo and people like her Scotland would be under the lies and spells from Tory and Red Tory alike from Westminster for ever. Margo wanted a free independent Scotland, so for Margo and all who have came before and who are here and will come in the future we fight harder to make one woman’s dream, goal and living working goal happen. For Margo, we say ‘Never Forget’ When we do become free Scotland, Margo will have played her part.


Gone but never forgotten Margo. May you rest in peace. 

Ar dheis Dé go raibh a h-anam

Amazing Grace – Judy Collin with Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
Via shuryanc on You Tube

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