‘The Doors’ and why this music is my savour when pain is killing me

Jim Morrison and the Doors

Jim Morrison and the Doors

This came from questions from my article whilst in agony https://shaunynews.com/2015/03/28/too-much-pain-for-me-to-take/#comment-19788 This is a purely selfish article here, there may be triggers for people with a chronic illness. This is about how I fight my pain. Often people say “Aww Shaun it’s only pain” But it is for life, for every of my waking moments till death. The pan is 100 on the scale of 1 being in no pain. How we all as individuals deal with a pain so real and so evil is different, some cry, some sleep through it if they can. When Chronic pain, fibromyalgia like what I have gets going it makes you want to swallow every tablet you have or drive fast into a tree. NOW! Many will be thinking “That’s a bit much Shaun” But you have to understand the pain in order to understand the statement. My skin burns, every muscle retracts, every tendon pulls every ligament twists. I can only describe the pain as ‘All over body, brutal tooth ache’ This song below, close your eyes and get lost in the song. Jim and his band used to take L.S.D/Acid and I did also for a few years as a late teenager/young adult, I had a saying “An Acid a day keeps reality at bay” and back then I think it says a lot about my old life 20+ years ago, no longer would I take this drug but temptation is always on your shoulder, I can’t escape my life with drugs, I have a partner and kids, so I do as best as I can, what do you do? What helps you? I love my life, I smile, I am blessed and things could not be better, I am defined by that, I refuse to allow the pain to define me but often I fail. Big deal? We all have problems, I writing freehand here and just suggesting what I do and what works. For people who didn’t know ‘The Doors’ performed mostly on LSD/Acid (BUT SAY NO TO DRUGS KIDS, SERIOUSLY)

Don't Do Drugs

Don’t Do Drugs

Video – The Doors – The End- Lyrics

Many look for ways to manage this pain, to manage a life where saying “Yeah I will meet you at 2pm on Tuesday” is often a lie. People who suffer from this can’t make plans, our life is a guess. We can do things but only if the moment allows. I have ways of coping when it feels like I am being pulled up and down by 2 horses and I am burning to death

The Doors - Full Circle - Cover 1

Music is my savour, I can listen to Rap to soul and all in-between, When things are bad and it’s night time I smoke some hashish, don’t confuse this with green, grass, Cannabis, this a weaker form. I will have a few smokes then go lay in bed, throw on a headset and listen to music. The Doors music is not for everyone and I can see why. Not all songs nor lyrics many will understand but with the doors I just close my eyes, feel the pain and let the beat to the music become the pain. This took me a long time to master and it only helps 20% tops. I will share some songs for when the pain wants to end my life. If you have chronic illness, take medication, lay down and try. Allow the music to become the pain and the pain to become the music, focus on the beat of the song and the lyrics and take control of your mind that is urging you to end it or go to sleep. ALWAYS speak to your Dr people. This is just what works for me. Living in Scotland I can smoke Hashish, nobody cares, my Dr knows and encourages it, he knows it helps me.


What you got to lose?

Video – The Doors – Riders on the Storm- -Lyrics

Video – The Doors – Hello I Love you – Lyrics

Video – The Doors Light My Fire – Lyrics

Video – The Doors – The Unknown Solider – (Official Video)

Video – The Doors – Love Her Madly – lyrics

Video – The Doors – Strange Days –  lyrics

Video – The Doors – Break on Through-Lyrics) HD

Video – The Doors – The Crystal Ship – Lyrics

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