Ronny’s Celtic, Before, Now And After

One down and I expect the treble now

One down and I expect the treble now

By Shaun Gibson

By Shaun Gibson

With 9 games left of the league season and a semi-final against Inverness in the Scottish Cup Final to come it sure will be a good time to be a Celtic fan. As many know I used to work in football, I am not perfect, I just have opinions, same as your opinions. I think this team right now go out in all knowing a win will happen. Every high tempo game or game where something is at stake since around the turn of the year has been superb and we have worked well. Remember Neil Lennon and #ChipGate? Oh how Ronny was proven correct

Everything is just so easy, hard work pays off, we seen it this season

Everything is just so easy, hard work pays off, we seen it this season

Ronny will have his players drilled into fearing defeats, the win against St Mirren was crucial and at times I think we all thought ‘Will we score tonight’ Then we remember previous games and we are at ease. Ronny’s substitutions during games are good, his shape in a very complicated 4-2-3-1 is faultless just now, as games come and go Craig Gordon does less, the odd catch here and there, Ronny is using his squad brilliantly just now, every player will have game time as we coast towards the Treble, I just can’t see us losing it from here, we are too confident but not a cocky confidence, a sure relaxed confidence

I have seen Craig in training, trial matches and development games, he is a very vocal guy, defence will love him, always communicating

I have seen Craig in training, trial matches, he is a very vocal guy, defence will love him, always communicating

Glasgow Derby Vs Partick at home this Wednesday will be hard, I said before the Aberdeen v Partick game I expected Partick to take something because they are playing very well just now so we must be careful in the next game.The following Saturday we travel up to Inverness for a lunch time kick off and these are 2 potential banana skins, if we win both, for me the League is in the bag. The Wednesday after we then play at home against Kilmarnock. By then we could be 10 points clear with 6 league games to go. Then the next big game we need to win on the 19th April, the Scottish Cup Semi Final against a decent Inverness side. So far Ronny has had 2 Hampden dates and won both, just saying! Lenny had a real bad time at Hampden, the players froze, under Ronny it’s just another game, lets hope for 4-0 to Ronny against Hampden at the end of the season!

Celtic cruise past Rangers into cup final
Via SPFL on Youtube

Should we perform as we are doing just now I expect 4 wins, league in the bag and a Scottish Cup Final against I think Falkirk. We finish before the split with an away game on Wednesday 22nd at Dundee. That is 5 games in 14 days, no wonder Ronny played Stokes up front at St Mirren, we need to rotate best we can till the job is done.

Two players happy in what they are doing, can we keep them?

Two players happy in what they are doing, can we keep them?

Ronny has the privilege of a huge squad at his disposal, during the next 5 games expect the front 4 to be swapped a lot, Griffiths Mackay Stevens and Bitton were benched at St Mirren and although Stokes didn’t have all that good a game Ronny kept him there, the players behind like Johansen are doing more than brilliant just now. We played recently without Johansen against Dundee United and I thought we would miss him but we beat Dundee United and the player in Johansen’s place did well and on we go. Ronny has an amazing luxury of being able to play any of his forward 4 out of 7 players anywhere in that front 4. The defending 6 With Matthews back we only really need to keep an eye on the back 5. Matthews, Van Dijk, Denayer, Izzy, Brown and Bitton, if we lose one or more of these players we then rely on the front 4 even more. With Craig Gordon behind the back 4 I think we can cope if we had to play say, Fisher and Ambrose along the back line. This I think Ronny is looking at now, we need as much cover in the back 5 as we do going forward with the 4

The way Ronny has connected with the fans with the ‘Ronny Roar’ I think is brilliant management by the Norwegian. He could have shied away in his dugout and slipped out of every game, he doesn’t, he goes to all fans and connects, so when the treble comes the fans and Ronny are already on-side. I said it before I will say it again; one day we will be beating away teams that want to lure Ronny away from Celtic. Watch this over again, his welcoming Press Conference to Celtic, he has done what he said, we must give him respect

Celtic FC New Manager Ronny Deila First Press Conference
Via fritzerellie on Youtube

I said here on TCN after we were knocked out of the Champions League that “If we have a good run in the Europa and win the Treble, many will have to apologise for stupid remarks” We all have opinions but looking back he took on a side with a pre-season he didn’t like, maybe he did try to change too much too soon but as we sit here today not far away from a historic treble maybe he was right to change everything about our players and how they act as athletes as quickly as he could. Charlie Mulgrew for example would be playing had it been last season, Lenny would have playing him fit where as Ronny needs him to step on the park and press as well as Bitton or Izzy do, this is if Ronny deploys him or uses him there, maybe even centre half? Ronny he seen long term, we see short term, always, Ronny has Celtic playing as he promised at his first Conference, he said he wants to entertain and have good relations all over the park, we see this now! Ronny has a squad who respect him, work hard, know how to win and certainly know how to celebrate together, Ronny lead the way with the Ronny Roar, what we see now are the players buying into a philosophy that was alien to them a year ago. A happy player won’t leave, Johansen also said last week, same as Van Dijk “You don’t leave Celtic for a team who is worse” They meant middle of the table EPL teams of course. I believe the Ronny Roar and the team coming together started on the 9th of November last year when Virgil Van Dijk bundled home a late winner, the reaction from Ronny and his players was noted by the media and all us fans

Via Celtic FC Fan Footage on Youtube

Now Ronny is 10 games away from filling very big shoes indeed. Who would have really thought this back in late September? We gave him abuse then but now we sing his name and he connects, he gets his players to buy into this connection. Looking back he could have been sacked, I don’t think many would have argued but credit to the club for backing him

Early on the vastness of managing a World giant hit him hard, but he came through it

Early on the vastness of managing a World giant hit him hard, but he came through it

I think we are on the brink of something very special, Van Dijk is happy to stay next season, we may get Denayer on loan for what would be his final contracted year with City meaning we could sign the 19 year old. Rule nothing out I say. Ronny is one of them managers player want to play for, he has utter respect from his players and staff even though he never early on, did he go in a huff and hide, no he met it head on, his formation I will do an article on next week is very complicated, a 4-2-3-1 seems easy to grasp but the movement, dummy runs, chasing down dead and live balls are to be marvelled, 89 minutes into a game and our players are chasing everything, he said he wanted the fittest squad he could have but he said recently he still has ‘A long way to go’ So we think ‘How good is Ronny going to make Celtic’ as he has been here less that 10 months, he needs better players he said, he is trying to keep Denayer and I think we will get one more season from Van Dijk. Ronny will be scouring the market trying to get players tied up now, I can’t wait to see the finished Celtic, but Ronny will say “We are never the finished article, we can always improve” I said this before, I really could listen to this man speak football all day, I understand his philosophy and his desire to win is more that just wanting, he knows exactly what it takes to win and get a team to play the ‘Ronny Way’

..And he is having the time of his life!

..And he is having the time of his life!

Good times are coming



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