Scotland Office civil servant wrote leaked memo

Scottsih Secretary, Alistair Carmichael

Scottsih Secretary, Alistair Carmichael


Well I don’t even know if I believe this story. A smear campaign against Nicola by Westminster or whoever was stopped in it’s tracks for 1 day! Labour tweeted and re-tweeted this over 500 times with Jim Murphy even commenting on it himself. I think the good to come from this is the likes of Jim below will have smear and lie campaigns stopped, they are fools, Labour jumped all over this. One Labour MP had to be told by her own Father to “Check the facts” I don’t know what to believe,  Nicola never said this so who will get the blame? The Scottish office stopped short in blaming anyone, but it will come out


Lies, Lies, Lies, Lies – Believe this you don’t deserve to be Scottish – Really wake up people!



SCOTTISH Secretary Alistair Carmichael has admitted that a Scotland Office civil servant wrote the memo at the centre of a furious political row.

The senior Lib Dem politician indicated that a civil servant in his own department wrote the document but has stopped short of identifying them. The memo purports that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon privately discussed the upcoming general election with French ambassador to the UK, Sylvie Bermann. During the conversation, the memo also claims she told the ambassador that she preferred David Cameron to stay on as Prime Minister.

Remaining as Scottish Secretary for the duration of the election campaign, Carmichael told Channel 4 News yesterday: “I understand that the memo in question did actually come from the Scotland Office, but these things are circulated within government.”
He added: “This is the middle of an election campaign, these things happen.” Sturgeon has issued angry denials in the wake of the memo leak, spending much of the Easter weekend fending off suggestions that the SNP favoured a Conservative government and accused Whitehall of playing ‘dirty tricks’.

The French consul-general Pierre-Alain Coffinier, based in Edinburgh, also disputed the contents of the memo, saying: “absolutely no preference has been expressed by anyone regarding the outcome of the election. The memo, dated 6th March 2015, claims that Nicola Sturgeon “confessed that she’d rather see David Cameron remain as PM”, continuing to say that she wouldn’t want to see a formal coalition with Labour as Ed Miliband wasn’t “Prime Minister material”. Sir Jeremy Heywood, the UK’s top civil servant, has launched a Whitehall inquiry into the leak.

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