The ‘Real Iran’ the people in the USA are not allowed to see!!!

This happens all over the USA. Weapons get moved!

This happens all over the USA. Weapons get moved!

When I do some research and blog it as an article often days pass till I can reply as I am a bad blogger. Tonight I replied to over 100 people and sadly several were fairly uneducated, all American and as stupid as they come. I did an article on the World finding peace with Iran on the Nuclear deal that Russia made up and the USA, Europe, Russia and China then signed into law, it safe and everyone is happy Iran can get inspected any time with no warning. I have Iranian friends, just a few and they tell me “Shaun we are running out of oil, we need to keep the lights on in Iran” Same is true of many countries right? The total ignorance and lack of an decent education by some make me shake my head and think ‘Did I dream that’ Because some of the comments were from I think, 4 or 5 years old. My Daughter  and her friends know Iran is no War country, they are  5 years old. America, LEARN ABOUT THE  REAL IRAN YOUR GOVERNMENT DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE! Many of you call me wrong, I am proving it to you here. Sure Iran has laws we don’t understand but who are we to define a Country? Some countries and their people don’t want DEMOCRACY  thrown at them or Bombed into them. Iraq and Libya are two nations where there is now just ISIS and bad people. USA, stop pushing a democracy onto people then refuse to give it to your own people on home soil. If you are in the USA. Try some new News Sources. Video, images and links below

Video – The Real Iran US Media won’t show it’s people


1طاووس گولی ساوالان



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Ovan-Lake-Iran-720x1280-500x281 white-bridge-ahwaz-south-western-iran < I was told by one woman “I am not watching Al Qaeda news” 😦 I know, I know!

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12 comments on “The ‘Real Iran’ the people in the USA are not allowed to see!!!

  1. Obama got his “Iran deal” but I don’t think it has a chance in Hell of being ratified by the Congress. Obama is a lame duck, as well as a generally lame president. Not going to happen. And remember, a treaty isn’t “law”. Laws can generally more enforceable. Remember how well we enforced Germany not rearming after WWI? One of dozens of example.

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    • Dan, 4.5% of our species didn’t do this. I tire of “USA AND IRAN DEAL” This was a Russian drafted deal ALL European countries, Russia, China and many others as well as the USA signed. This is about the World, not Obama or the USA. Agreed?

      I see many American’s are confused by this deal. Iran never wanted a bomb. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said “Israel should be wiped out” The new leader thinks and says nothing of this. Over here I know Iranians. They are peaceful. They have the same right to use reactors to keep the lights on same as anyone.
      Israel is slowly standing alone in the international community. But as many Americans tell me “We don’t get the same news as you Shaun”
      I did an article a few weeks. American media called Obama Anti Semitic – SHOCKING. This is being looked upon by Europe as a good deal. Peace for once. USA is only country not to see it Dan. Remember, USA is very small % of Earth!

      This is news WE get…

      You should know better Dan. This isn’t “USA – Iran” Deal. It’s a World effort and a good one buddy.


    • Shaunynews, thank you for pointing this out. The agreement was between Iran and six other countries – China, Germany, France, Britain, Russia, and the U.S.

      If the U.S. goes back on the agreement, that is a betrayal not only to Iran, but to countries that are our allies.

      Also, it is important to note that on this issue, the U.S. and Russia are on the same side, negotiating with Iran.

      Please think about this, “lesterland.”

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      • I think I maybe added Australia in also. Sure there were 8 Countries, the G8 but could be wrong, I have been wrong before and will be wrong again….lol

        This was a Russian draft ‘However’ many countries signed it. 3 Years ago there was hard talk about USA/UK going into Iran for War. So to be sitting here with an Iran under full control, UN/NATO inspectors there always, spot checks with no warnings and agreed satellite spying on Iran. I think I said this a year ago Dan, Iran want nuclear reactors to run their homes and cities.

        This is the up-date. Latest news here in Europe.
        US Senators and Media have called Obama

        US Media pushing Racism –

        Obama Anti Semitic, while the rest of Humanity can see peace where war was once a sure thing, killing Iranians and more US Military and we don’t want that…Who wants that?

        America is very supportive of Israel..
        Question, you are a clever guy Dan.
        What EXACTLY was John Kerry saying here?
        Please, would love you to tell me, I am lost

        John Kerry Claimed The Bible’s Scripture Commands USA To Join Muslim Nations + Islam

        ^ John Kerry speaking ^

        Please think about all this (Maybe watch the video’s?) I would love an answer on John Kerry, he is speaking Obama’s words of course. With ISIS miles from the US border it is all confusing when you listen to that 2 minute John Kerry video..
        Not one American has been able to answer since I shared it. I won’t hold my breath



    • I know. But one can only make judgement when watching media. If the media leans one way, so do the people. Thankfully America has millions like me who watch and read other news or watch other news. USA is bad for ISP’s blocking news sites…

      Cheers buddy

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