Sturgeon refuses to rule out ‘NEW’ Independence Referendum (Video)

I thought Nicola did well considering the host and audience

I thought Nicola did well considering the host and audience

SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has refused to rule out another referendum at some point in the future. When asked about a referendum after May 7, Ms Sturgeon said: “Not after this Westminster General Election. That is not what this election is about.” And she got heckled for no reason I could see, she was saying THIS debate had nothing to do with planned manifesto for 2016 Scottish elections to add the possibility of a new Referendum. I am all for this but we must be REALLY sure we can win it and somehow beat an establishment and media set on trying to con, cheat and fool us time and time again, as seen last week with the leaked lie about her wanting the Tory Party to stay in after May 7th


Last night’s Scottish debate is likely to have little impact on the final result in Westminster as the SNP appears to have an insurmountable lead in Scotland with under a month to go to the General Election.

It was, however, notable for one moment. Asked whether the SNP were planning to include a pledge to hold another independence referendum in its 2016 manifesto for the Scottish parliamentary elections, nationalist leader Nicola Sturgeon refused to rule it out.

She said: “That’s another matter. We’ll write that manifesto when we get there.”

The audience groaned in response.

Sturgeon’s stance may come as no surprise to those who have followed the SNP after losing last year’s independence vote, but the audience reaction was fascinating. After coming out the clear winner in the ITV leader’s debate in Salford last week, in which she received rounds of applause from the studio audience, Sturgeon seemed to (at least momentarily) lose her home crowd and appeared visibly thrown by it.

Here’s the clip in full:

(ALL RIGHTS @ STV) Video of Nicola mentioning #IndyRef2 – Unfairly got heckled.
There is no argument after watching this morning the audience was hand picked.
On form or likability she seemed almost disliked at a time ENGLAND LOVE HER! Typical Scottish Media!


(ALL RIGHTS @ STV) Scotland Tonight had analysis from journalists Colin Mackay, Gillian Bowditch and Lynsey Bews
Via STV News @ Scotland Tonight

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