Firefighters probe mystery smoke across Edinburgh



I went to the shops about 1pm and could smell burning, thought nothing off it, now my twitter feed is full of people asking if there is a fire in my neck of the woods. Strange one. Anyone else smelling this? Placebo’s and all that but I can now smell burning. #Strange


FIREFIGHTERS are investigating the origin of a pall of smoke covering parts of the Capital today. The smoke is causing confusion and alarm across the city, with people across Edinburgh unsure of where it is coming from and if there is a serious fire.

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The fire service said crews were out now looking for the source. Some claim that the smoke covers the area from Murrayfield to Haymarket station and into the city centre. A spokeswoman for the service said there was smoke in a few areas and that it appeared to to have been caused by “controlled burning”, possibly in more than one place.

Darren Black ‏@dazb1985 tweeted: “Where’s all this smoke coming from in West Edinburgh??? it’s stinking”.

Bombskare ‏@B0MBSKARE tweeted: “Is there a fire in the West side of Edinburgh? Smoke everywhere…”

For now…


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