The Death of America, by Billions of Cuts of Stupidity



Research has shown me this, words from Americans have shown me this. Now before I start, I have American friends, people I have known OVER 10/15 years, I would love to visit the USA, most American’s I know will laugh at this but turn around and say it’s true. I made none of the images, none of the video’s and didn’t do the poll below. THIS WAS ALL DONE BY/FOR AMERICAN PEOPLE! Above Top Secret is a site I have been going on for 11 years now. I watch the video’s as they come in. Now REMEMBER these are American video’s, about America, done by Americans. I always ask questions like this I have said many times American’s as a people are very behind the news, I get abuse every other day but for every ONE American to give me abuse I have 10 who see it as I do. So to prove my point that AMERICAN’S SEE AMERICA AS I DO, here are some who agree! Now before the usual people start, this site is the biggest ON EARTH. Most users are American and it caters for American’s more or less. So here I am SHARING what I hear from inside the US of A, from it’s people. I didn’t make this up, I am sharing what switched on, clever American’s can see and feel. And I say well done to all you open minded people. EVERYTHING ASIDE. We must laugh at ourselves. My country had a chance to vote itself out of Britain and blew it 45/55 😀 So we all have idiots ok

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How Stupid?

How Stupid?

1) That gay people can choose to become straight.

Although public opinion on matters of homosexuality has grown steadily more progressive, the pace remains a bit glacial. In 2012, a Pew poll found that 35 percent of respondents considered sexual orientation a lifestyle choice. Just last week, Texas Gov. Rick Perry likened homosexuality to alcholism, suggesting that while people may have “genetic coding,” it’s still boils down to personal desire. He later said he “stepped right in it” with the comparison. That’s putting it mildly.

2) That 9/11 didn’t happen in 2001.

In 2006, the Washington Post ran the results of a questionnaire that indicated 30 percent of Americans didn’t know what year 9/11 took place—though 95 percent could correctly identify the month and day. Not bad, considering the phrase “9/11” denotes exactly that information. Now remember the question “WHEN WAS 9/11”

3) That their jobs really matter.

Roughly 30 percent of Americans report that they feel “engaged” in their careers. We’re guessing these replies came exclusively from guitarists and zookeepers who work with otters.

4) That the Bible is the literal word of God.

Yes, some three in 10 Americans believe there’s a book so true that God himself could not write it, and instead relied on prophets to be his (infallible?) secretaries—according to Gallup, anyway. Almost half the country, meanwhile, thinks the Bible is merely “inspired” by the word of God, and not necessarily to be taken at face value.


5) That they aren’t the product of evolution.

“I didn’t come from no monkey!” —people with an inexplicable prejudice against monkeys, or about 33 percent of the U.S., according to Pew Research.


6) That medical care is too expensive to seek out.

The cost of getting well in the U.S. is certainly outrageous, but the 30 percent of citizens who prefer to “walk it off” are probably just forestalling even more punishing health-related debt.

7) That the time has come for armed revolution.

You know those people who seem to buy more guns than they could possibly need? Well, it seems they’re stockpiling: Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind last year had some 29 percent of poll respondents saying that a bloody fight against the U.S. government “isn’t just imminent but imperative.” That’ll be fun.

8) That global warming is mainly caused by “natural changes in the environment.”

In other words, it causes itself. Very convenient.

BqzyP4YCEAA-x7y Untitled

9) That you can get your news from Facebook.

Turns out people are letting their friends decide which (mis)informative sites and articles they access on a daily basis—despite the fact that 30 percent of Americans haven’t seen a single one of their Facebook friends in real life, in the past three months. How social.


10) That the Pacific Ocean does not appear on a world map.

Only 71 percent of Americans could find it, with the rest presumably complaining about that big patch of blue covering up most of the planet’s eastern hemisphere.

11) That another war in Iraq is a good idea.

Vox is already calling B.S. on a Rasmussen report that appears to show that a significant plurality of Americans want to get more aggressive about fighting al-Qaeda in Iraq.



And NONE of this was from the Onion!

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