A True statistical poll about American Internet users

A True statistical poll about American Internet users

First thing I would like to say is “Thanks for giving me something to do @ 6am you foolish man” 😀 Well here we go again 😀 I have a stalker. I deleted HIM from being able to speak on my blog, I blocked his email from coming through to me and I JUST had to delete another email account the guy owns after he sent me another annoying email. Problem this guy has is he doesn’t like what I say about America. But if you truly know me, I tell a truth about America that is real and dangerous, I did one tonight, the story is one thing but look past the story and find out why this has happened, what chain of events led to ISIS actually being in the USA. Yeah I found more information that ISIS training camps have been found in the USA and I will be sharing after I write this. I get at least 2 stalkers a Month, 9 times out of 10 they smile, turn around, call me stupid and get on with their life. Sadly there is this 1 out of 10 who want to keep anger and hatred. Every stalker I have had is American. I know where this guy lives, by replying to my Blogs and emails I now know he is 100% from the USA. What is it with some people in America? Here is what I did earlier. I don’t claim this to be a true story, I am sharing news I came across, I found other sites running the story then found the MEXICAN GOVERNMENT ADMITTED THIS ARTICLE BELOW. So at this point I am not just sharing I am telling a truth maybe people don’t know, and the next article will be the same. I will lose American followers maybe here but can I just say, my life dictates I don’t care 😀 I am having fun on-line, sadly some treat it as being real and get easily offended, this happens when the person who is stupid runs out of bravery and valid answers to basic questions

‘ISIS’ Camp a Few Miles from Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm



Now I share this article again just to prove my point. I am a disabled guy, at a PC, sharing NEWS. Many think because it’s not on the news it can’t be true. The fool even accused 2/3 of Scottish people opposing our recent vote to allow gay marriage, I have gay friends and I was a very small part of a bigger process to get this law passed in Scotland by a landslide, not England, Scotland only, it will Happen same in England later this year. Now the person annoying me I am assuming is either 15 years old or a Religious Fanatic. Now the reason I say this is ‘EXPERIENCE’ What Mr and Mr’s American Stalker fail to understand is by stalking a person they are telling a truth I am trying to share. Lets be REAL sure here, more American people are awake to America than there are asleep at the wheel and totally clueless about their own Country. The reason I know they are Religious Fanatics is they are keeping on with the ‘Gay Marriage’ question, something I am sure most American’s support.

Scotland Gay Marriage STV Poll

It wasn’t even close, Government heard the people and changed the law.

See Scotland is a place with TRUE Democracy and less Religious hatred. We do have Christian’s and Catholics who have issues, it used to be the IRA/UDA/UFV in Ireland, sadly it crossed over to Scotland. The hatred from Christians towards Irish/Catholic is sick and vile and something Scotland must cure.  The people don’t like it but a tiny % of our 4.5 Million populous want to keep it going. This goes back to when England STOLE an Empire, it is now called a Commonwealth, in truth be told it is a group of Countries England stole!! Scotland is in the Commonwealth so that tells a story! I know you will read this Mr Sad Person. I am asking one more time for you to go and find something more interesting to do with your life. I will not name you at this point, I will not say where you live at this point. So please, I am saying PLEASE!!! I replied to you before I deleted you for the 3rd time and asked you to be a man. So I will ask again Ma…Mate. Download Skype, make a username, remember the password, add me to your Skype. This is my Skype Username: shaunyg1973 Why don’t you add me and we can talk like men? I have asked 3 times now you talk to me on Skype. I even stopped you from talking on my blog and emailed you, I was decent, I never once was mad, angry, annoyed, I don’t let people like you under my skin. It is nearly 6am here and I am bored, you just sent me an email, so thanks for giving me something to do.

Why Are Americans So Stupid! – Watch this and tell me this is normal! TRULY AN AMERICAN THING, GOOGLE! This is American people being asked simple questions
Via TheDoodle1966 on You Tube

17thcountryintheworldBuddy, please! Stop, you are proving very well my belief that SOME American people are TOTAL FREAKS, so give it a break buddy, you won’t get ANYWHERE here. Should you decide to add me as a stranger, I will see your pattern very quickly. If you make new emails and email me I won’t read them, what you are doing is pointless. NOW!! If you should ask an American friend to annoy me on your behalf you prove my point even further! That some (SOME) Americans are a few bricks short of a wall, their heads are full of small shops and some are closed. I would be happy for you to be my proof American people (SOME) Can be total fools. I lose count now of American people who stalked me. I laugh, knowingly. I am friends with MANY Amazing American people, I am guessing these people are your average Americans I speak too. Your every day American person. I speak to Americans from coast to coast, Canada to Mexican borders. For the life of me I really do struggle to understand this behaviour by American adults.

Should someone from where I come from was to do this to someone close it would end very badly, but it doesn’t happen here. We just live, smile and be happy. We have problems in Scotland. I write about how much I love Scotland BECAUSE I AM SCOTTISH. If this annoys YOU then write about your own country! 😀 Is your Country trying to break away from anything? Well mins is, Scottish people want to be free from the clutches of the London Empire and we will be soon, we stand up for what we believe in, one was gay marriage. We are a species of “Who am I to judge others” We don’t judge here. I have said many times in the USA the media will say (I HATE THIS WORD) words that keep race and religion simmering. You say “That black kid in Ferguson” We don’t group people over here. When I told the story of an amazing little boy who was born in Scotland to immigrant parents and was killed by his Mother, I said “Little boy” everyone said “That kid” or “The kid” not once did I hear any words that would be classed as racist here as we don’t lump people into catagories, we allow immigrants in and welcome them. We all have people who have moved to other countries, America is build on immigration, you are not the indigenous people of the USA, 99% of you are part European yet some of you moan about immigrants like they are some problem. Here we only let people in if they can work, have money, add to our society, sure poor immigrants come to Scotland but they get no Government hand outs for I think a year, may be 6 months

America. This is a HUGE PROBLEM! Young Hillary Clinton Supporters Struggle to Name Her Accomplishments


Next American President.

Next American President come 2016/17

Newsroom – Why is America the greatest country in the World – US TV


I was asked for proof of why America are 37th cleverest on Earth……Well the statistics don’t lie if you research.


Uneducated, Stupid and, you get the point.


Well it ‘Kinda’ is true 😀

googly-truthiness (1)

Go to that same Google page and type “Why are Americans……….. Just that, see what happens.


I have seen this episode. She lost out on £100 😀

Go to that same Google page and type "Why are Americans........... Just that, see what happens.

Go to that same Google page and type “Why are Americans……….. Just that, see what happens.


This was actually disturbing

This was actually disturbing






For now…


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  1. Hi Shaun, we know that there are people who act stupid all over the world and some of them are also trolling at the internet. They may live very boring lives, when they have nothing better to do….
    Education – good education might be the way…..


  2. Holy cow – I just saw that China time zone idea. I’m going there so I can get a jump on the stock market 🙂 — I can only say it takes all kinds to make a country. I love the USA, but I worry about her too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • HA HA HA Bill I love Scotland but I worry about her also. We all have our own worries. Many think I write ONLY USA…But reasonable people see I write more and about Scotland also, sometimes not in good ways..



  3. Americans are indeed bigoted. They cannot understand why other countries hate them, and yet they propagate the hatred felt toward them through their own selfish ideals and desires to be talked to in “English” (American English, as opposed to actual English) never really understanding that A.E. is a mix of French, Spanish, English and German–with maybe a little Italian and everything else tossed in to give it a unique flavor.

    We insist that EVERYONE speak our language instead of actually putting forth the effort to learn a new language. This is odd, because we even insist that they do so in their own countries. How stupid can we be?

    As an American, I am ashamed of what my country has become, as opposed to what it COULD be. It truly could be the best country in the word, and yet we allow hate to stop our growth as a nation and as a people. We see in black and white when we should see in right and wrong. We see gay or straight when we should see in progress or regression of our country.

    We allow rich fat bastards and idiot puppets to tell us what to think and how to believe, leaving behind the very religion we claim to be part of. Sad how we have sought our own pleasures only to condemn others for doing the same. Our top worship money, power, and glory but hate the poor that make their money for them. the poor learn to hate blacks, gays, Muslims, Jews and Native Americans because the rich tell us to.

    Instead of being individuals as we claim to be, we are sheeple. (I got that from someone else online. people herded like sheep and force fed lies that tell them who to hate and how to think. a cross between sheep and people.) We cannot seemingly stand on our own. The rich wage war on the poor and middle class, the poor wage war on the middle class, rich, and whoever else they see as an enemy, and the middle class just fight to survive. Amazing how a country that claims to be united can be so divided.

    This is why America is no longer great. In fact, it still has not reached greatness. It is still blindly seeking that which eludes it because of its stubborn desire to cling onto the hate that should have died millennia ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    • WOW…All I can say is WOW!!
      I hope Mr Stalker reads this and has the brain capacity to maybe look back on his comments on my blog, emails he sent and more. It is very refreshing to hear a person from another country tell it how it is, not how they want it to be or are told to believe..

      Buddy, I said this before I have a LOT of time for you, you are VERY switched on lad and I think you are a very decent guy..



    • Yeah it’s ignorance all the way Patrick. Check the comment by Jay I just approved. That is how the switched on American’s see their country. I wish more would be as honest about the country they live in..

      Cheers boss


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