USA WARNING – Asian Dog Flu Strikes Chicago – Keep Dogs Apart!

As if American doesn't have bigger problems that this just now!

As if American doesn’t have bigger problems that this just now!

Via: Seems to be breaking news just now. Via

This is a story I thought about not sharing due to the ‘ISIS in the USA’ story being reported by thousands of people. But I think it’s only fair if American people have dogs and do not know about this disease “KEEP YOUR DOG AWAY FROM ALL OTHER DOGS” This could kill millions of Dogs and could be in other countries. I don’t know how Pet control works in the USA but here in Scotland/UK if someone buys a dog, moves here and has a dog, any way or reason a person will be bringing a pet onto this Island here, the Dog/Pet will be quarantined for 4 Months before they are allowed into the civilian population, this is a law we have always had, it annoy’s some, luckily most are ok with it. This is why we never have any issues with any pets coming in and spreading disease. Put it this way an Ebola Monkey would have to wait 4 months also at Animal Control Centres at Airports, any animal would, Ebola found in monkey? and we realise why we have these laws as Ebola would not spread, common sense law right? We are an Island here, dogs and all animals/pets coming into the UK are tested to make sure no virus that is bad for dogs or other pets are present, things that harm other animals or humans is possible, so we have tight laws! This is the official Government site on the matter I usually leave links below, I have left 2 and the source news above from the BBC here in the UK. This, as I say seems to be breaking just now. Please spread this around, make sure you protect your Dog and other’s dogs. This will get pandemic level for Dogs so it’s important to maybe change your dog’s walkies habits. Consult your Vet of course to make sure I am not making this story up. Keep up with the story and Chicago is a pandemic area for pets right now, PLEASE watch the quick video below so you know what signs you need to look out for, if you see any, don’t take your dog to the vet and expose to other dogs, call your vet and I am sure they will come and test the dog, at least this is my reading of the story, I may be wrong. Just use common sense peeps, this kills dogs, all dogs, not just street dogs (If you have them) it just kills all dogs if not checked and you have knowledge about the disease for dogs, this is why I put the video below. America, PLEASE!!! Check the video and your Dog! If you are in or near Chicago and your dog seems under the weather, call who you need to call, don’t take your dog into a vet with other dogs. Sorry to repeat but I love my Dog and would be hurt if anything happened, I know you are the same, so be safe America.


A rare outbreak of Asian dog flu has reached almost epidemic levels in Chicago. There is concern it could easily spread to other areas of the country, and people are being urged to try to keep dogs out of contact with each other. At least 1,000 animals have become ill so far, as Ben Bland reports.

4 comments on “USA WARNING – Asian Dog Flu Strikes Chicago – Keep Dogs Apart!

    • I tend to not listen to US Media I stick to sites where people like you and I talk. Where a Vet in Chicago will talk and tell us the truth..
      Important for us all to take time away from main stream media, it’s bad for you/us/everyone 😀

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