Looking back: Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon at Nuclear bomb rally + Why she is most powerful woman in Britain

Nicola taking part in Demonstration

Nicola taking part in Demonstration

Scottish people from all over our land came to Glasgow for this 2 weeks ago, we will keep standing up, we will keep our voice open and we WILL not let the media tell lies! We will call Politicians liars, we will call the media’s propaganda when we see it. We will NOT go away. Scotland will rise again and keep rising till we get what was PROMISED BY LONDON! We don’t do this with hate in our hearts, we do it with love and with peace. The SNP and Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s leader will have a say in UK wide politics. Take note World, this is what happens when your people stand up together, I am proud to be part of a people who have a voice, will call a liar a liar and will stand up whenever needed 

I know this is 2 weeks old but often it is good to let the dust settle and look at it again. Nicola is liked all over the UK, English people want to vote for her and she is loved by almost everyone who has no hate in their hearts. The Leader of Scotland in an Anti-Nuclear demonstration, how many countries would allow this? Seriously we must understand how powerful Nicola has become and how much London fear her, make no mistake here, she has a foot in the door at Westminster and that foot will only keep going into the door WHEN Alex Salmond gets his seat along with the projected 50+ other SNP Politicians the polls and experts are telling us will be there after May 7th. It is likely Ruth Davidson and Jim Murphy will lose their seats in the coming Election, Tory and Liberal Democrat’s could be a Scottish thing of the past and Labour could have under 5 seats.

Bairns Not Bombs Scrap Trident. FM Of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon
Via Ian Russell on You Tube

When Westminster closed ahead of the General Election on May 7th the SNP had 6 seats, many are saying SNP will have 50 Westminster/London seats, polls are stating 40 minimum. The SNP I think would be happy with 30 but don’t underestimate how powerful Nicola has become. She has some clout and she will have a say in Westminster policies from here on in. There was Video done 11 days ago with the Economist and it is a brilliant interview. Nicola has offered SNP support to London Labour, Nicola said to Ed’s face in the last leaders debate she will offer to help him keep the Tories out of power, Ed shook his head as if to say no but lets not be fooled, if the SNP have the seats to help Labour over the line, Labour will deal the SNP in and Home Rule will be given. This is NOT about independence it is about Scotland getting the powers promised, nothing more, listen for yourself. This is why we MUST vote as many SNP or progressive party members into Westminster as a Union, the entire UK, we need more members in there wanting to break up the old boys club. I think this will happen soon. VOTE SNP AND GET THIS RICH CRIMINAL CLUB GONE!

Nicola Sturgeon: Britain’s most powerful woman?
Via The Economist on You Tube

For anyone not from Scotland ‘Bairn’s’ means ‘Kids’ “Kids not bombs”



How many Countries leaders, Prime Ministers, Presidents could do what Scotland’s Leader did? Scotland’s First Minister and leader Nicola Sturgeon the main voice at a no to Nuclear Weapons demo!!


Nicola hasn’t changed, just a girl who enjoy’s her country, very popular just now. She talks to the people always, not just near Elections!


This is what Scotland want’s. Trident is the UK’s Nuclear programme, Scotland want’s it gone!


All (ALL) Britain’s Nuclear Weapons are in Scotland, we WILL change this


All (ALL) Britain’s Nuclear Weapons are in Scotland, we WILL change this


All (ALL) Britain’s Nuclear Weapons are in Scotland, we WILL change this


Amazing scenes

BairnsNotBombsMontage-1024x512 Nicola-Sturgeon-Bairns-bnb-demo

For now…


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