Celtic announce new Club Partnership in India


Via: http://www.celticfc.net/news/8101

Shared this for a friend. Celtic FC have partnership clubs all over the World and this is the first from India. Any decent players from there may get  a chance of a lifetime at Celtic FC.

CELTIC are delighted to welcome our first ever club from India, Salgaocar FC, into the Celtic Club Partnership Programme.   The partnership saw coaching staff travel to Goa last week to work with the I-League club’s first-team, Academy players and reach out into the local community. Celtic’s historical connection with India stretches back to 1936 with the signing of Mohammed Salim who was the first player from the Indian sub-continent to play for a European club.

More recently, the club has had huge success in India through a three-year partnership with The Mahindra Group with over 3,000 young footballers being trained by Celtic coaches across India.   Following this success, Celtic has been looking at ways it can build on this success by collaborating with partners who share our philosophy and passion for footballing excellence and community engagement.

The Celtic Club Partnership programme has over 50 clubs in 15 countries all sharing in the Club’s expertise in developing top class footballers. Club partners enjoy exclusive monthly coaching content, coaching camps at their own club, training tours to Celtic, access to the International Coaches’ Convention and a host of other benefits aimed at sharing our expertise to help develop their club.

Celtic Chief Executive Peter Lawwell said: “The Celtic International Club Partnership Programme is a very exciting programme for the Club and we are delighted to welcome Salgaocar FC to be part of it and to the Celtic family.

“Celtic’s connection with India has been longstanding, however this is the first time we have developed a relationship with another professional club in this region. We are excited to see what can be developed from this unique relationship.” Mr. Shivanand V. Salgaocar, President, Salgaocar Football Club added: “We at Salgaocar FC are delighted to be closely associated with Celtic FC. At the heart of this relationship is a shared philosophy that is devoted to the promotion and development of young, local talent. This is the beginning of what we hope to be a longstanding and highly fruitful association.”


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4 comments on “Celtic announce new Club Partnership in India

  1. great idea – be the first in and grab the lion’s share of a billion plus fans. I always wondered why we didn’t see more top level athletes from India.


    • Well said Bill. Although this is essentially Celtic FC financing small sides all over the World, every continent, all over Africa etc. There are Hundreds like this. If a great played comes through at any of these clubs Celtic are best positioned to buy or take the player. But the this is why we do this..
      This was last weekend.
      Celtic FC as a cause were started in 1888 by a Catholic priest. History lies. Brother Wilfred (Daniel Day Lewis is playing him in a Movie soon) fed not just the Catholic influx from English death squads in Ireland he also fed Christians. So I hope the story is told in the right way.

      That link I added is what we truly stand for as a club. Season ticket prices (A seat for all home games in league, 2 cups and European league) are at a mid 1990’s price as we are doing ok with money. We have 3rd biggest base on Earth. Glasgow Club but more fans in East Coast of USA. Google “Celtic FC Supporters Clubs USA” You will see. Why we have ESPN here, they want to show Celtic games..

      I don’t think we will plunder many players from India, the level of skill and fitness of Celtic players must be 24/7 athlete mode. Celtic pay player £40,000 or more ($73,000) So we are a Global brand. East Coast of USA saw Celtic play at FENWAY PARK!!! 😀 If I have sent, sorry… lol

      Both these Fenway park singing famous song (Celtic, very DRUNK)

      Was odd at the time and still looks odd today 😀


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