For all Scottish no voters from the Referendum – Read and wake up.



ANYONE WHO VOTED NO – DO YOU REALIZE THE ‘EDINBURGH AGREEMENT’ AND THE ‘VOW’ WERE LIES? Although legally binding documents, stating a no vote would give Scotland FULL HOME RULE. This was not given, if you don’t vote SNP on May 7th all you do is place the Tory party into power for another decade and Austerity will hit every single one of us harder. Remember we were lied to. The propaganda now is unreal. Check I had a mate moan about waiting in a hospital. I had to say to him “You voted no, you can’t complain about the NHS keeping you waiting half an hour” WAKE UP PEOPLE! Vote SNP and all 59 Westminster seats the SNP can have in Westminster so we can have more powers. Before the referendum vote David Cameron said this to the people of Scotland >>>>>”Don’t leave Scotland, Scotland can lead the UK”<<<<< Before the referendum!! Now Nicola is trying to lead she is being bombarded with abuse, David Cameron refused to sit near her in London 2 days ago. So remember Scotland we were told “Don’t leave the Union, lead the Union” Now we are trying, now Nicola is trying, she is getting abuse and propaganda of an awful nature thrown at us.

SNP Manifesto Launch 2015 – Full Show
Via Darth Small on You Tube (Via BBC)

Nicola Sturgeon Q&A SNP manifesto (After her speech she took questions from Media)
Via Liarpoliticians2 on You Tube (Via BBC)

Scotland we can’t be fooled twice by lies and propaganda. We did not get what was promised. People in England want to vote SNP. This IS NOT about a new ‘Referendum’ This General Election has nothing to do with nor will it be anything to do with any future referendum to vote Scotland out of the Union. This vote, this General Election on May 7th is to vote as many SNP Politicians into Westminster. The polls are consistent in over 50 MSP’s from the SNP taking a seat beside Alex Salmond in Westminster. This is our 2nd chance to make Scotland better. We may get the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ and the ‘Vow’ delivered, but to do so, we must vote SNP. For all who voted no, you MUST see we were lied to. Do the right thing and get as many progressive Politicians into Westminster. To the UK, you can’t vote SNP but you can refuse to vote, vote Greens. For Scottish people it is easy, vote the SNP into some power in Westminster.


Nicola Sturgeon insults: the worst attacks directed at the SNP leader

Nicola Sturgeon is being brutally attacked

PROPAGANDA: Sir John Major warning of ‘recipe for mayhem’ in any Labour-SNP deal

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