Are US Senate Shutting Down USA Internet!! – #USA #PoliceState #Fascism?



Sadly many will laugh at this even though if you keep reading I have the laws and a PDF proving all I say will and has came to pass. Logged into WordPress as usual about 10 minutes ago but this time there was a warning. America I have been saying #PoliceStateUSA and #FascistUSA for a while now. Sadly the reason you can’t see the links I am sharing from here in Scotland is the US Senate are slowly blocking your internet a page at a time. If you know what you are doing you can get past these restraints of your last freedom. The image above I found. The image below was what I seen when I opened WordPress, you will have seen it or will start seeing it all over America

America, you are losing internet, stand up and fight! I will leave the link above

America, you are losing internet, stand up and fight! I will leave the link below

To join the fight against the US Congress closing down the American Internet you need to go here and write to your Congress America if you ignore this you will lose Twitter, Facebook, WordPress, Tumblr, Google+, You Tube and much more. You have a chance to stop this.


The link will take you here. If you are in the USA I would advise you call Congress, if you are outside the USA, ignore all I say here

As you know I am from Scotland where total democracy exists, many here don’t see it but that is because they never look elsewhere. When you click the link above it takes you here. You are being asked what you see here. Again I have no need to be typing this. I tried and tried to warn you America you were Fascist and a #PoliceState and I got abuse. Now look, you are losing internet!

Exposed! CDC Suggests Hermetically Sealed Caskets for Ebola Victims AKA
Older video by Daboo7 on You Tube


America this image below is real, the law is linked twice below it. If you, like over 80% of Americans live in the Orange the US Constitution does NOT apply to you sadly any more.

This orange line is 100 miles from coast in and border in. Over 80% of America live in there. Constitution does you no good in Orange

This orange line is 100 miles from coast in and border in. Over 80% of America live in there. Constitution does you no good in Orange

For the image above here is the direct Government link

Rules you must know about 100 mile exclusion zone

~~This is your issue America~~

SOPA/PIPA: Internet Blacklist Legislation

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) (originally known as the E-PARASITE Act) and its Senate counterpart the PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) (originally the Combating Online Infringement and Copyright Act (COICA)) were a series of bills promoted by Hollywood in the US Congress that would have a created a “blacklist” of censored websites. These bills were defeated by an enormous online campaign started by EFF and a handful of other organizations, which culminated in the Internet Blackout on the January 18, 2012.

Although the bills were ostensibly aimed at reaching foreign websites dedicated to providing illegal content, their provisions would allow for removal of enormous amounts of non-infringing content including political and other speech from the Web. The various bills defined different techniques for blocking “blacklisted” sites. Each would interfere with the Internet’s domain name system (DNS), which translates names like “” or “” into the IP addresses that computers use to communicate. SOPA would also allow rightsholders to force payment processors to cut off payments and advertising networks to cut ties with a site simply by sending a notice.

These bills are targeted at “rogue” websites that allow indiscriminate piracy, but use vague definitions that could include hosting websites such as Dropbox, MediaFire, and Rapidshare; sites that discuss piracy such as, p2pnet, Torrent Freak,, and ZeroPaid; as well as a broad range of sites for user-generated content, such as SoundCloud, Etsy, and Deviant Art. Had these bills been passed five or ten years ago, even YouTube might not exist today — in other words, the collateral damage from this legislation would be enormous.

There are already laws and procedures in place for taking down sites that violate the law. These acts would allow the Attorney General, and even individuals, to create a blacklist to censor sites when no court has found that they have infringed copyright or any other law


Communism, Fascism, Marxism and the USA


If you can’t see this America well nobody can help you







America bought Millions of 2 person Coffins… Why?


Not one American can answer this still..


2 Person Coffins are being driven all over the USA


To understand where you are you must 1st have knowledge of your path


Ron Paul should be Potus right now


All I can do now is share. I am sorry… But I did try to warn. Idiots got in my way of trying to help you. My stalker I am to believe was paid to discredit me. Why would they do that to someone who is wrong?


Do you live in the Orange above?

I want peace, not hate. If you don't understand any of this, research, trust me, it's something you will have to do soon

I want peace, not hate. If you don’t understand any of this, research, trust me, it’s something you will have to do soon

For now…


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9 comments on “Are US Senate Shutting Down USA Internet!! – #USA #PoliceState #Fascism?

  1. Shaunynews, I feel like you’re talking about a different country, not the one I live in.

    Most of what you write about the U.S. is half-true. Have you visited the U.S.? You are allowed to travel here. Travel is not blocked from Scotland to the U.S. I don’t think the U.S. is a Stalinist or Nazi regime.

    This article is over-the-top. No one will shoot you if you try to come in or get out.

    Sure, the TPP is a problem, but it will be a problem for each of the 12 countries participating.

    TPP is a real problem because American jobs will likely get shipped overseas to factories where labor is cheaper. The same may happen in other countries, too.

    I have had no problems looking up British news websites (or your website). In fact, I’ve been following the British election coming up on May 7th.

    Here is an interesting article in The Independent about how the Scottish referendum on independence may affect this years election:

    Here’s an article about Ed Miliband discussing Scotland:


    • I get my information in the form of video, audio and from the MILLIONS of people who were already telling the story I am..

      You should listen to this guy here and prepare. He is from the USA. You will know dialect better than I.. Please, follow him.

      Also has a channel Daboo77 as much of what he shares gets deleted

      I share stories..
      If you don’t see them or research them, how do you know. The issue you have is your Government withhold information from you. Thus you never understand what people like me from outwith the US say or what people are seeing in the USA, because they are looking.
      That image will be on your Worldpress…
      You can CLEARLY see it was on mine… I logged into WordPress via USA server and got that.

      Why? Why are many reporting the same sign? “CALL CONGRESS”
      You tell me… Please my friend..
      You may live in the USA but you must, PLEASE understand you don’t get half the truth.

      I believe we all have the right to believe what we will. Same applies to you. But I do hard research. I link things up. Do you click the links I share? or are they blocked? Time Warner are the worst for blocking sites..



      • That’s good you can read stuff from the U.S.A. There’s no problem there.

        I clicked on the links and it went straight to DAHBOO77. I don’t care for him- I think he’s too far out and over-the-top.

        I’ve never had trouble with the links you post.

        In the video where Obama was voting – they probably had everyone walk through airport-like security before they went in the building with him. Secret Service were probably also nearby.

        What’s there to worry about?

        Unless the guy was Chuck Norris, I don’t see anything to worry about.


      • Yeah I guess you are right…
        Meant to ask…Why is ALL WordPress getting this and not just the USA? You know???
        Very very annoying.. USA is losing Internet and as usual we all suffer..

        USA are losing Social Media and we all have to see it…

        Liked by 1 person

      • When that message pops up, you can scroll to the bottom and see a way to “sign up” to have it show on your screen.

        I’m guessing wordpress signed up to have the message pop up for its domain.

        Not sure, though. But that’s my guess.


      • Wasn’t that buddy, first thing I tried. Since I left a message in WordPress forums it stopped. I am 100% for the cause but there is nothing I can do about what the USA will lose on-line.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Let me try and make people understand how the media use us.
      A friend in America sent me a FUN video of Obama voting and a guy ‘In fun’ pointed to Obama 6 feet away and said “Stay away from my girl” As he was next to the guys wife…The room laughed…

      Here it is here, watch the video…

      Now tell me what is so obviously wrong here. And why American people missed it.


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