McCain: USA Senate will block nuclear agreement with Iran

US Capitol Building

US Capitol Building, or as we call it “The War Building”


How many Americans know ‘Noah’s Ark’ was set in what is not called Iran? Yeah, if it was today, this story would show Noah as an Iranian, but if you read bibles you know this surely. Back on track, this is the same John McCain who had a meeting back in June 23rd 2014 with ISIS members. I know things can be made, photoshopped, whatever, but too many images were taken of the meeting. I know many will find this hard to swallow but McCain did meet ISIS days before they started really killing in Syria. Now he is one of a few US Senators, through liking Israel who will try to block this deal. For anyone unaware there is the G8 and the G20 (You can click both) to make sure this deal with Iran for them to use Nuclear reactors to keep the lights on and heat homes etc, stays in place. I have read and seen the deal. It was a Russian draft approved by almost all the G8. The USA will not be able to stop the deal with Iran, this was a Global effort to avoid a War. We over here in Europe were convinced the USA would enter Iran and War it to death and ruin it the same way the USA do in other countries like Iraq and Libya, thankfully the WORLD COMMUNITY found another route, so the USA is alone and can’t go into Iran, if they do the World will turn against the USA more than it has already, Government level I am talking here. I know Iraqis and Libyan’s, they are all angry, because before America went in they had a life. Kids went to School in both Countries, people owned their own businesses. kids went to college, they had cable and Sky TV, they could rent or buy cars, they had contract mobile/cell phones, they worked, partied, they had a life like you and I, don’t be fooled, for them this was their reality same as my reality is for me here in Scotland, same as someone’s reality in China, Australia, Brazil, Canada, I could go on and on and on. America has a habit of destroying countries and their infrastructure. We must not as a World community allow the USA to dictate what happens here in our part of the World. I know Iranians and not one of them want to be killed or have a country like Iraq and Libya that are now terrorist filled Countries same as most of Syria and a fair part of Iraq now. When will the USA stop trying to throw a democracy they don’t give to the people in the USA, into nations who don’t want democracy. Go speak to someone from Iraq, China, Russia etc, they will say “We are not democratic” but they will also say “We have a good standard of life here” The irony is Libya had a better Health Service and Education System than the USA before America killed that Country. Hillary spoke for USA Politicians moments after Muammar Gaddafi was killed live on TV, we seen it over here. It was wrong, but listen to Hillary, the next POTUS of the USA in 2016

This woman is as evil as they come. A Liar and sadly about to take over the USA
Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died
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This is REAL, I did not make the image but I sourced who was in it


Again, this is why the ISIS story is so confusing. We are told they are in the USA but also USA pay them

john-mccain-meets-with-syrian-rebels-isis-islamic-state-caliph-ibrahim-al-qaeda-islamic-state-2013 (1)

RESEARCH the names!


Leaked images from US/ISIS Meeting


John Kerry ‘is delusional’ says McCain and is likely trying to sell Americans ‘a bill of goods’ when it comes to Iran nuclear deal

  • Kerry ‘is delusional’ if he expected to claim the Iranians agreed to the phased lifting of sanctions when they didn’t and get away with it, he said
  • Senate Armed Services Chair John McCain was responding to Iran saying there would be no formal pact unless sanctions relief is ‘instant’ 
  • ‘I think John Kerry tried to come back and sell a bill of goods, hoping maybe that the Iranians wouldn’t say much about it,’ GOP lawmaker said
  • ‘At best, Iran agreed to disagree with the United States on key nuclear weapons-related issues and to continue talks,’ another GOP senator said
  • Another  said ‘the Ayatollah and President Obama appear to be talking about two separate agreements…unfortunately, I can’t say I’m surprised’

This is the same John Kerry, through Obama, to tell the American people to “Back and help Islam” through Scripture



Iran is one of the most beautiful counties on the planet. This is where the story of 'Noah's Ark' was set. Noah was Iranian, or would be today

Iran is one of the most beautiful counties on the planet. This is where the story of ‘Noah’s Ark’ was set. Noah was Iranian, or would be today

The Real Iran the US Doesnt Want it’s people to See
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~~~~Iran Story~~~~

Republican Senator John McCain has threatened that the US Senate would block any nuclear deal, should the Obama administration reach an agreement with Iran.

McCain told CNN on Sunday that “we will do everything in our power to make sure we do play a role because we think that’s our constitutional obligations.”

“I don’t think they will reach a deal that we can live with,” he added.

Iran and the P5+1 group – the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany – are currently negotiating to reach a comprehensive nuclear agreement as a July 1 deadline draws closer.

“I would imagine it may be enough to have enough votes in the United States Senate to not approve of it. And we will insist on approval and not going to the United Nations,” the hawkish senator said.

The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote in mid-April on a controversial bill requiring Obama to submit any agreement with Iran for a congressional review.

The legislation would require Obama to submit the text of any deal to Congress and would ban the White House from lifting any sanctions for a period of 60 days so that Congress could hold hearings and debate the deal.

Republican Senators John McCain, Joe Donnelly, Marco Rubio, Heidi Heitkamp, Kelly Ayotte, Bill Nelson, Jim Risch, and Angus King were co-sponsors of the bill.

In an effort to sabotage the talks, a group of 47 Republican senators sent an open letter to Iran earlier this month, warning that whatever agreement reached with President Barack Obama would be a “mere executive agreement” and that Congress could ultimately walk away from any deal with Tehran upon review.

Obama, who was “embarrassed” by the letter, said it was “close to unprecedented” that members of Congress would send a letter to Iran carrying the message that “don’t deal with our president because you can’t trust him to follow through on an agreement.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry also denounced the Republican letter as an “unprecedented” and “calculated” attempt to interfere with ongoing nuclear talks.

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