The radical Scottish revolution is here!!!



The video below is by the ‘Artist Taxi Driver’ Mark. He has came up a few times to Scotland to say “Well done and thank you Scotland” The 45 are now the 85, maybe more. I watched what Mark said below in that video and I felt proud to be part of the biggest political revolution in Britain in many a decade. The 45 who voted Yes are now more! Scotland have seen right through the propaganda and we see right through the lies of Tory and Labour. The time for these 2 parties in Scotland will come to an end in Scotland on May 7th. On May the 8th Scotland, the SNP backed by the people of Scotland will bring peace and fairness to the ENTIRE UK. This is a movement of freedom, don’t look at it any other way. Scotland are standing AGAINST evil. This game is over and we shall remove you all!

The Radical Scottish revolution is here!!!
Via Chunkymark Via You Tube

It’s not hard to listen to Mark and not feel Scottish, and he is English! I want Scotland to leave the Union but a part of my being want’s people like Mark to come with us. Should the SNP get the seats needed WE CAN CHANGE BRITAIN! For Mark and other English people who are looking to Scotland with envy, with hope, we will not leave you behind. Nicola wants freedom but she wants to help all of Britain and WE WILL DO THIS! Together the UK will say “NO MORE” A rising on UK people is being stirred by Scotland. Let it stir, let it be, create and become. Through choice and hard time we will stand in the promised land of peace and prosperity. Mark if you read this, you moved me mate, you brought this song below out of me. My Scottish pride and passion turned more active than I have been, you are a great man Mark. Truly

Mark, brilliant mate 

Bob Marley – Redemption Song
Via Indiesmusicworld Via You Tube

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