Westminster call Nicola “Most Dangerous Woman in UK” How long till it’s you and I?


Someone said in a thread in a Scottish group “If the government propaganda keeps up we Scots will soon have wear saltire arm bands and get a number tattooed on our arms and there will be no way will I be taking a public shower About this article I did below, even worse was from Paddy Ashdown 2nd article down. So our media have been accused of acting like “Nazi Germany” and an old used Politician who is irrelevant said “The SNP are coming south to burn Westminster, Like Balkan War” Am I alone in thinking things could get bad? As in, way worse than words and bad press?


‘UN Human Rights Chief’ Compares UK Media to Nazi Propaganda



Paddy Ashdown: SNP coming south to burn Westminster, Like Balkan War! – Shocking Remarks!!



To be honest these thoughts have crossed my mind. Westminster have said a LOT against Nicola, the worst being “Nicola Sturgeon is the most Dangerous Woman in Britain” This is after we were told “Scotland need not leave the Union, Scotland can lead the Union” days before the referendum. Now we see Nicola trying to lead with better laws, less Austerity, no new Trident and getting a very large English following as you will see here by a well known English activist

The radical Scottish revolution is here!!!


The Radical Scottish revolution is here!!!
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Am I alone in my thinking that now they have almost called Nicola Sturgeon a terrorist, how long before the SNP voting Scottish people like you and I get painted with the same brush? Could this become dangerous? Are the people who lied to us and paid the media to scare people into voting no, now wishing they had just let Scotland go? Because if Scotland gets more than 50 seats, and the polls are showing this, the SNP could be in a coalition Government with Labour for a few years till we can maybe have another Referendum based on this years UK General election and next years Scottish Elections data is collected. Look below, this is a fairly constant poll. 326 seats are required, Labour predicted 270, SNP 56 = 326. Or is this just more propaganda? What can they do that is worse than lies? What can they do that is worse than Propaganda media? Do you all know what a “Black Op’s Operation” is? If not, here it is explained. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_operation Please read the 1st paragraph at least

This is about to be tested

This is about to be tested

We sing “Scotland the brave” Same as the USA say “Home of the brave” And the USA is nearly Fascist, trust me I write about the USA a lot and research a lot, the place is a mess. I am asking if the ‘Brave’ tag Scotland has, will it be tested in ways we don’t want it to be? Scotland, all said, forgetting all I have shared. WE MUST FOCUS AND BE BRAVE HERE!! VOTE SNP! END THIS RUBBISH FOREVER! Please, for all our kids and their kids and our Country moving forward long after we are gone, for all that is wrong or right in this World. VOTE SNP! Tommy Sheridan’s and his Socialist Party are saying “Vote SNP” They will say the same in the Scottish elections. Tommy is the same as you and I, he just wants Scotland out of this mess we could so easily have been out of already after the referendum 7 months ago. Be brave, be bold, vote SNP and cut this crap out of Scottish Politics and our culture forever, it is truly time to get these corrupt, cheating, stinking money grabbing, expense cheating scumbags out of power for good. This is our last chance, this is it Scotland, we may never be this popular. Anyone reading this thinking of voting Labour or UKIP even Lib Dems, think long and hard about what you are doing. This General Election is NOT about another Scottish Referendum on Freedom. This is to give Alex Salmond 50+ helping SNP hands in Westminster to try and change the old boys guard and close the unconstitutional House of Lords

The Predicted SNP Westminster seats seem the ONLY way for Labour to get over the line…Now add Labour and SNP together, knowing 326 gets you power

The Predicted SNP Westminster seats seem the ONLY way for Labour to get over the line…Now add Labour and SNP together, knowing 326 gets you power

Alba gu bràth

For now…


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6 comments on “Westminster call Nicola “Most Dangerous Woman in UK” How long till it’s you and I?

  1. I don’t think she is bad for wanting a better life for all. Maybe she could turn around opinion in Scotland and England. Might not be a bad thing. Its about time we had someone in government who gives a toss about the people rather than lining their pockets. I wouldn’t say no to her having a bit of power down here.

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    • Well said matey. She showed a screenshot from English people who asked “Can I vote SNP in England” She really has touched so many people. We probably take her for granted but she has the old boys club at Westminster shyting themselves… May 8th could see a brand new UK political way..
      Good comment mate!!


      • Yeah would go down well I think, same principles, close the unconstitutional House of lords, no new trident, end of austerity and food kitchens for starters. Start putting money back into public sector


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