Baltimore Death Sparks Protests Across Awakening America

A protester is detained by New York City police during the protest

A protester is detained by New York City police during the protest


Don’t want to say ‘Told you so America” BUT..Told you so America! This is the start. American uprising is happening right in-front of us all. America people have had enough, they ar e standing up. The same as the people of the UK and Scotland are standing up, American people, young and old are taking to the streets all over the USA to protest in peace, sadly peace means nothing in the USA, so they arrest peace. I said a while back “Can Obama use Martial Law to stay in Power” Are we seeing the first signs of a country standing up? Is this why America have more War inside the USA than outside on foreign shores? Time will tell, but the people are waking up


Hundreds of people have marched in cities including New York and Boston to protest over the death of a Baltimore man who was critically injured in police custody. New York City police arrested more than 60 people as protesters roved in separate groups through Manhattan, blocking traffic in a few areas. Police using loudspeakers warned them they would be taken into custody if they marched in the street. Protesters are seeking answers about the fate of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died in Baltimore after suffering spinal injuries while in police custody.

Police warned protesters they would be held if they marched in the street - Clearly the people are peaceful

Police warned protesters they would be held if they marched in the street – Clearly the people are peaceful

In New York, hundreds first rallied in Manhattan’s Union Square, where they chanted “no justice, no peace” and “hands up, don’t shoot,” a reference to the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, last year.  Then a group of protesters spilled into the street, disrupting traffic. Dozens of police officers moved in with plastic handcuffs and began making arrests while officers with batons pushed the crowd back onto the sidewalk.

Heavy Police Presence In Baltimore
Via Voice of America on You Tube + Sky News

Smaller protests occurred in Boston, Houston, Ferguson, Washington, DC, Seattle and a handful of demonstrators were arrested in Denver. Mr Gray died on 19 April from a severe spinal injury he suffered while in police custody. He had been arrested a week before as he was running away at the sight of police, authorities said. Authorities say they are still investigating how and when he suffered the spinal injury – during the arrest or while he was in the van, where authorities say he was riding without being belted in, a violation of department policy.

Police are due on Friday to give their findings on Mr Gray’s death to prosecutors but said no information will be made public. In Baltimore, 3,000 National Guard troops and police stood by to enforce a 10pm (3am UK time) curfew as thousands of peaceful marchers converged on city hall. The march capped a day of calm in a city that two days earlier saw its worst rioting in decades.

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3 comments on “Baltimore Death Sparks Protests Across Awakening America

  1. I think we must say “These poor men and all their families ” Anne..This has happened too much in the last 24 months. Thankfully someone video’d the cop shooting the man in the back. That cop SHOULD be jailed. But the other 21 who were murdered with no Gun… We must remember them all. I don’t get why your cops don’t shoot to live, keep the person alive. Here that is the case, I think 1 person has been killed by a cop EVER in the UK.
    This one shows Police being charged by 2 men who just behaded soldier Lee Rigby with huge knives, look what the police do with 2 men 10 feet away, take their legs/knees out..

    Why can’t US Cops not do this?

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  2. I know. This will only open up your countries right ‘To bear arms’ People want guns when they will never use them. But I understand, criminals have guns, therefor everyone must. As long as guns are part of the story, guns will always be the story. This is something America must decide alone as a people. Here in Europe we have been there with guns hundreds of years ago. We gave them up for a reason once before and still today. We don’t want or need guns. But I am the type of person who allows free will, it’s none of my business what others do. Because the people, in the end make the call. x

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