Gaffe as Murphy doesn’t know Labour housing policy


Clueless Jim Murphy was left red-faced today after a series of gaffes on Radio Scotland’s Kaye Adams programme revealed he doesn’t know his own party’s housing policy.


A few weeks ago Jim said “There will be no cuts” only for his Branch Office manager Ed Miliband to say “There will be cuts” It really does beg the question what did Johann Lamont really know. See for Jim to jump into the branch office head seat was political suicide, all the harm Johann did and all the hatred she got is now all on Jim, who seemingly has not a clue what the boss is saying.  I think we can know for sure Ed looks at Scotland as a branch Office. Jim the Clueless has made that clear. THIS is why Scotland will vote all seats into SNP hands.


Jim Murphy claimed on the programme that Labour’s policy was to build 100,000 extra affordable homes in Scotland – when in fact Labour’s Scottish manifesto makes clear that Labour’s policy is to build 20,000 homes of all types in Scotland a year by 2020, and does not state that these will all be affordable homes.

Neither Scottish nor UK Labour make any pledge on affordable housing in their manifestos.

Jim Murphy also falsely claimed that social housing construction in Scotland was at its lowest level since 1947. In fact, 34,483 social homes have been delivered in Scotland between 2007/08 and 2013/14, an increase of 19 per cent compared to under Labour between 2000/01 and 2006/07.

Since 2007, the SNP has delivered 4,500 new council homes in Scotland – compared to just 6 that were completed during the last term that Labour was in office in Scotland.

Earlier in the day, Jim Murphy said in an interview with Good Morning Scotland that he intends to serve a full 5 year term if elected as an MP, despite planning to also stand for Holyrood in 2016 – contradicting a previous statement he made in December when he said that a dual mandate is “not something that I’m attracted to.”

Commenting, SNP Candidate for East Renfrewshire Kirsten Oswald said:

“Jim Murphy may not want to talk about Labour’s plans, but simply making things up in an interview is not going to solve his problems.

“If even Jim Murphy doesn’t know what Labour plans to do when it comes to affordable housing, why on earth would people in Scotland back his party on this issue?

“In contrast to Labour’s silence on affordable housing, the SNP is on course to deliver 30,000 new affordable homes by the end of this Scottish Parliament term.

“And we have announced plans for SNP MPs to push for a target of 100,000 affordable homes to be built across the UK, every year.

“Just a few months ago Jim Murphy was also saying that holding a dual mandate was not something he was attracted to – today’s announcement from the Labour Leader is yet more evidence that Labour cannot be trusted.

“A strong team of SNP MPs will use their influence to press for a major boost in affordable home construction, benefitting people in Scotland and across the UK.”

During this morning’s GMS Jim Murphy said: “…I’ve told my constituents at hustings and I’ve told hundreds of people in letters that I’ll stay on as the Member of parliament if elected next week for a full five years – I’ve been very clear about that.”

However, Mr Murphy was said on BBC Sunday Politics in December that being an MP and MSP was “not something that I’m attracted to.”…

On the Kaye Adams programme, he said:

Jim Murphy: “Ok, well we’ve had a smaller number of social housing built in Scotland since I think since 1947 in recent years, so we’re not building enough homes. So I was in Parkhead in the East end of Glasgow yesterday and I saw the work that Parkhead Housing Association are doing, building decent, really good quality family homes that are importantly are also energy efficient, and we need more of that. We’ve got plans to build more of those sorts of houses, and I think the problem at the moment is an awful lot of people worry about what will their children or grandchildren, how are they going to get on the property ladder? And for some people buying a house of course is the right thing to do, and look the more people who own their house – that’s good. But that’s not what everyone wants, and that’s not what everyone can afford, so there does have to be high quality social housing and decent quality that people can afford to live in and I think that’s what happening in Glasgow and elsewhere.”

Kaye Adams: Nicola Sturgeon told us yesterday that she was committed to seeing 100,000 affordable – and the key word being affordable houses – across the UK

JM: Across Scotland. We’re committed to that across Scotland. I think that’s one of the things in which the SNP has just cut and pasted Labour’s manifesto. Again its…

KA: Affordable?

JM: Yes, it’s an example of imitation being the sincerest form of flattery. They just cut – that’s another cut and paste from the Labour party manifesto. I think what the SNP did is waited for the Labour party manifesto to be published and then just got the scissors out. Or got their computer out and cut and pasted.

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