UK artists want action against Israel as ‘UN’ Sanctions loom

EU Has done badly in sanctions for Israel

EU Has done badly in sanctions for Israel

Several high-profile UK artists are calling for immediate EU sanctions to be placed on Israel following the comments made by Benjamin Netanyahu in the run-up to the Israeli elections where he stated there would be no Palestinian state on his watch and a continuation of settlement building. What Netanyahu has said that heartless people will not understand is he will never offer a people land locked, who can’t just ‘Go to Jordan’ like it was 2,000 years ago. I think we are all sick of Israel and the war rhetoric against not just a 3rd world people but also a people with no War. Israel turn of Electricity, open  a dam to flood parts of Palestine and kill every week, even this week. Like I have said before Europe want Palestine free, and Europe will free Palestine and there is nothing Israel, who have been warned by NATO and the UN on it’s barbaric treatment of Palestine. Too many people look at this with a bible in one hand, thankfully Europe can see it as a modern day, 2015 issue that needs addressed now. America are slowly stopping backing Israel as John Kerry told the people of the USA to side with Muslims and Islam, something Bible belt USA don’t understand. Expect tough sanctions to be placed on Israel this year (2015) while America can do nothing and Europe try to help free Palestine, it is not a question of ‘If’ it is one of ‘When’

Actual Peace in Middle East can be achieved , if the US & UN Sanction Israel over its Nukes as they did Iran over Enrichment

Iran harm nobody while Israel commit genocide every week

Iran harm nobody while Israel commit genocide every week


EU planning to step up sanctions on Israeli settlements after election



John Kerry Claimed The Bible’s Scripture Commands USA To Join Muslim Nations
John Kerry Scripture Says U S Should Protect Muslims


Via PressTVUK on You Tube


The call for sanctions comes in the same week it was revealed 2014 was the deadliest year for Palestinians since 1967 with 2,300 killed and over 17,000 injured by Israel.

Their message was unequivocal. The next UK government must push the EU to impose immediate sanctions on Israel until it abides by international law. The messengers included some of the UK’s most well-regarded artistic voices: Harry Potter star Miriam Margolyes, actor Maxine Peake, producer Brian Eno, director Ken Loach, and poet Benjamin Zephaniah.

The move to increase the pressure on Israel was prompted by the re-election of Benjamin Netanyahu and his pledge to continue the oppressive Israeli policies against Palestinians.

Members of the British artistic community have historically been very vocal about speaking out against the Palestinian in justice but in Britain today there are still exists a potentially high cost of artists who are described as breaking the status quo.

Despites hundreds of thousands demonstrating in the UK against the Gazan assault of 2014, artists still risk damaging their careers by speaking out against Israel. But could this pressure the new UK administration to act?

It is hoped that this public support for the Palestinians by the British artistic community will gain traction and remind everyone that every sector can play its part in holding Israel to account.

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