“Shaun hates Israeli People” – Proof I do not! Nir Bitton Israel Football Celtic Star

Israeli Football Player Nir Biton

Israeli Football star Player Nir Biton

I write for and am a huge fan of Glasgow Celtic Football Club. My club was founded in 1888, started 127 years ago to feed the poor Catholics coming into Ireland but what history fails to tell is the person who started Celtic FC Brother Walfrid also fed Christians who were poor in Glasgow. My Club is a club for all, taken by all. Some Football teams refuse to sign players due to Religion, skin colour or Nationality all over Europe. Europe is not a bad place for racism although there are issues.

Just to settle one argument once and for all, my team Glasgow Celtic always side with Palestine at FAN LEVEL ONLY, there are a few Million of us scattered around the World, most think the same. Because as a club historically we understand what genocide and oppression REALLY means we stand in solidarity with the enslaved or murdered in this World. I have said it out loud “I STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH PALESTINE” but with no hate, just in a peaceful way https://shaunynews.com/2015/03/25/why-i-stand-in-solidarity-with-palestine/

I tire of people accusing me of hating people from Israel. Nir Bitton, a player I have IMMENSE respect for plays for Glasgow Celtic Football Club. He came out and stated “I don’t like Palestine” A few Celtic fans were not happy but as a club we kept supporting the man because that is what we stand for here. He may want Palestine dead but I can only speak for myself, I don’t hate, I don’t want anyone dead, no Palestine kids, no Israeli people either. This story made UK media a year or so ago, he still plays for a Palestine supporting fan base. Celtic FC as a club do not get involved in ANY of this, but the fans do, we proudly fly the Palestinian flag at games, who can stop us? I don’t think political or religious issues have any place inside a football stadium. But the exercise I am trying to explain here is “Put down your bible and see people being murdered in 2015” If you can’t do that, for me, you are evil

Celtic fans backing Palestine during the 2014 slaughter

Celtic fans backing Palestine during the 2014 slaughter, same as the whole of Europe


Celtic star Nir Biton sparks fury on Instagram by supporting Israel’s ongoing military offensive against Palestine

Printed in Scottish Media on 14:49, 18 July 2014


Nir Posted this -  “May Hashem (God) cause the enemies who rise up against us to be struck down before them.” On Instagram

Nir Posted this – “May Hashem (God) cause the enemies who rise up against us to be struck down before them.” On Instagram

CELTIC star Nir Biton has sparked fury by supporting Israel’s ongoing military offensive against Palestine. The 22-year-old midfielder posted pro-Israeli propaganda on his Instagram account. A copy of the Hebrew Prayer for members of the Israel Defence Force, which contains the line: “May Hashem (God) cause the enemies who rise up against us to be struck down before them.” appeared on Thursday evening.

It was quickly taken down, but not before copies had been made and circulated on various websites, including Twitter. At least 240 Palestinians, including scores of children, have been killed by Israeli air strikes since July 8. They launched the offensive to stamp out rocket attacks from Gaza and the army has recently vowed to continue with ground and air assaults. The attacks are aimed at crushing terror group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip. But the area is so densely populated that many innocent civilians have been caught up in the violence. An estimated 23 Palestinians were killed this morning in an Israeli assault on Gaza.

And the world was united in grief earlier in the week when pictures emerged of four youngsters who were killed on Wednesday by a shell fired from an Israeli gun ship as they played football on a Gaza beach. Outraged Celtic fans, some of whom claim sympathies with the Palestinian cause, reacted with anger following Biton’s post, with some of them calling for him to be sacked. In a 2009 Europa League match against Israeli team Hapoel Tel Aviv, Celtic fans of them waved Palestinian flags in protest at the invasion of Gaza the previous year.

Pro-Palestine football fans in Europe frequently attend matches brandishing the Palestinian flag in shows of support.

Celtic fan Ros Stafford tweeted: “Nir Biton should never be allowed pull on a Celtic shirt again. Good Riddance Nir, your support of child killers is not wanted at CP.”

And Gordie Bhoy added: “Nir Biton Showing His True Colours, That MUST Be The End Of His CELTIC Career.”

Kieran Caw posted: “I don’t think Nir Biton will be the most popular player amongst our support.”

Steve.E.N tweeted: “Nir Biton should never wear the hoops again! Get him out!”

Then Paulo tweeted: “I know Nir Biton is from Israel, but if he’s supporting them in all this I want him nowhere near my club.”

Biton’s post could cause storms within the Parkhead dressing room – before a ball is even kicked in the new season. Celtic midfielder Beram Kayal was born in Israel, but is of Arab descent, though he has not voiced any political views.

However Celtic’s Irish striker Anthony Stokes has recently sent messages of support for the people of Gaza.

He tweeted: “Praying for the people and young children killed in gaza, pictures are disturbing! World watches on again.” and also retweeded a photo with the message: “Stop the bombing of Gaza.”

A spokeswoman for Celtic refused to comment.

Within minutes of our call, a picture of Biton and Efe Ambrose checking in at Glasgow Airport for their pre-season tour of Germany appeared on the club’s official Twitter account. Other users criticised the move. Grant Coll tweeted: “hahaha maybe not the best pic to do under circumstances.” and Craig Johnston posted: “come one…. not the best photo to put up today.”

Biton signed a four-year deal with Celtic in August 2013 after arriving from Israeli Premier League club FC Ashdod for a fee believed to be around £700,000. He made his debut on September 18 of that year, in a Champions League group stage match against AC Milan, coming in to the game as a late substitute in the 89th minute. He made a total of 20 appearances last year under former boss Neil Lennon, and has also been capped for Israel seven times.


Nir is a brilliant player for Celtic and the nature of not hating has made Nir very popular at Celtic with most

Nir is a brilliant player for Celtic and the nature of not hating has made Nir very popular at Celtic with most

Nir Scoring tonight (2nd May 2015) to Help Celtic win the League

From behind

Just because I stand in solidarity with Palestine it does not mean I hate Israel. Hate must end somewhere. Here the IRA and London including the Queen gave peace a chance and the bombings and killing of Irish men and woman stopped. The message I am sharing is what happened here was Catholic Vs Christians. We gave peace, REAL PEACE a chance and it worked. It is not perfect but people don’t die as they did 20 years ago. Why Palestine can’t be given this same try for REAL peace is beyond me. As I have said many times now, Religion and blind people keep Palestine landlocked and oppressed. America will have to one day stand back and look on as EVERY European country as well as others set Palestine free, it will be done with peace but sadly cowards and thick people with 2,000 year old books will keep the hatred there and try to keep the people who happen to be in Palestine from being murdered. I think this “They should be in Jordan” crap needs to stop as they are LAND LOCKED!

The UN want a free Palestine. But Religious hatred creates more death

The UN want a free Palestine. But Religious hatred creates more death

Come over to Scotland 500 years ago and Ireland 100 years ago and try and live in peace, then you will understand what the people inside Palestine go through every day. So to sum up, I don’t hate, RELIGION HATES! Why do I know this? Because I was born into and live through it every day of my life. The Christian hatred in Scotland against Catholics is awful, yet not many go to Church, odd right? So do I hate Israeli people? NO CHANCE! I just want peace, American bible readers WILL NOT stand in the way of Palestine being free’d, the USA at Government level do not back Israel as they did any more. America you are 5% of the World, around 80% of our World want Palestine free, and it will happen, without hate. But I don’t include your religious hate because it’s blind and evil to us over here



For now…


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One comment on ““Shaun hates Israeli People” – Proof I do not! Nir Bitton Israel Football Celtic Star

  1. Thanks..x yeah just telling a horrific story the World community is about to fix at last. Israel support will be angry, but they a tiny minority in our World. But they won’t be hated, they will just have to accept the fact EARTH wants Palestine free..Yeah, it was clearly that simple x And done with no hate!! If hate comes it will be Religion is the form it will come in, of that there is no doubt. This is 2015 and 90% of our species live today x

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