Royal’s, Babies, why Scotland has turned away from English Elite

Image via Sky News - Rest is me

Image via Sky News – Rest is me

Now remember, I don’t and won’t do hate against anyone or anything unless it is unnecessary and evil, you know the story. With the Royals I know not one person in my life who likes the Royals, who knows the name of the new kid. I like most here in Scotland didn’t even know the woman was pregnant, I had no idea she was due a 2nd baby, it is 2 right? It is not because we are stupid, we just don’t care anymore, simple!  Now I know the World travels to London to see Buckingham Palace and to spot the Queen or William and Harry or whoever else is around. Harry is the only Royal I would give the time of day to as he is REAL. A few years ago at a fancy dress party he caused WWIII almost (Joke) by dressing up as a Nazi SS Officer

Let me explain the reason this went down badly

Let me explain the reason this went down badly

Now I thought it was funny, I have seen people dress as Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Barack Obama, Darth Vader and pretty much everyone at fancy dress parties. The reason I don’t get offended is simple, I refuse to be offended. The story behind all this is conspiratorial in nature as many say the Royals are German blood lines and sided with Germany in both WWI and WWIII. The current British Royal Family are members of the House of Windsor but when we look at genealogy we see there is German blood, and more in the UK Royal Family nobody really cares about these days, I will explain why in the next paragraph. We must travel back to the late 1800’s and early 1900’s to the House of Oldenburg to see the German blood lines that exist in the modern Day European Royal families, so that explains a tiny bit of the story, I just don’t care, I am writing this due to so many people asking me about the Royal baby I had no idea was due

Clear German Royal blood

Clear German Royal blood

Now lets go back 35 years when Shaun was in Primary 1 as a kid, I am talking about myself. Back in the late 1970’s and Early 1980’s the whole of the UK, Scotland also used to line the streets to wave at the Queen. Back then the Queen would arrive at Edinburgh airport and they would be tailed by Police cars, MI5/MI6 and try and go past as many Schools and people as possible. Routes were known days in advance back in the days where the IRA were the real and present danger to the Queen. I remember we used to all get taken from class at 6/7/8 years old and stand at the top of the sport’s field and all get exited as we seen the Queen. This was standard practice back then, everyone wanted to see the Royals, if only I knew how I would grow and feel about it all, my Family were never too keen on the Royals to be fair, for whatever reason, maybe because they had a life? …Anyway…

Princess Street Edinburgh awaiting the Queen, early 1900's

Princess Street Edinburgh awaiting the Queen, early 1900’s

This is what I used to see as a kid. Not so much open top cars like this however

This is what I used to see as a kid. Not so much open top cars like this however

These days the Queen lands at Edinburgh Airport and she is driven directly to Holyrood Palace and nobody knows, nobody cares. A few times I have seen the ‘Royal Car Fleet’ drive through town, traffic is stopped by the Police on motor bikes and we all get annoyed our day has been slowed down because Auld Liz is visiting her Edinburgh home. Other times it can be William and Kate, Princess’s Margaret, nobody cares these days.

One of the last times the Queen was in Edinburgh, nobody cared or knew or wanted to know or care

One of the last times the Queen was in Edinburgh, nobody cared or knew or wanted to know or care

We live in a time of Austerity, people living wage to wage, people are more well off in Scotland in 2015 than they were in the 1970’s. People I speak to in my personal life are the same as me “Aww crap the Queen is coming next Thursday, I am not going into town” That is the level of care we give these days. I think it is UK wide this issue now. I spoke to a few friends from a few places North and South of England and they say the same more or less. People are trying to live, make ends meet. We as a Country pay £2 Million every quarter of the year, every 3 months, to the Royal Family. Nicola Sturgeon our First Minister (President/Prime Minister, we call them First Minister) withheld money for the Royals when she got into Power when Alex Salmond quit, I am not sure if she has since paid, but it went down well with EVERYONE I know. , also I am sure it is £2M a year, I may be wrong 

How the ‘Elite’ UK Media carried the Story of Nicola not paying Scottish Money to Royals
Outrage as Scots ‘rob’ the Queen of £2.1 million with Nicola Sturgeon vowing to keep Scottish rights

“Hi Liz! Welcome to Scotland, oh, and we kinda own all your land and houses now”

People from all over the World come for Royal Weddings, so what looks like a United love for Royals by a vast percentage of British people is actually tourists. Back in the day England made an Empire, these days it has had a name change to make it more politically correct, it’s now “The Commonwealth” This is why we have the Commonwealth games, like the Olympics but only Countries who England historically stole, murdered and raped from. Many have left the Commonwealth, Scotland are trying still and we will get out of this Union for the rich. People in other countries I don’t think believe me when I say all I have here in this article. A friend left me a private message on facebook telling me they had named the Royal baby. This was earlier today, I didn’t know anyone was pregnant and I don’t care what the kid is called. This country is run by an Elite from Royals to Politicians right through to Media who lie badly, lucky Scotland are a bright bunch and on the 8th May the political landscape of Scotland will have changed greatly. Below is a map of the 2010 UK General Elections (Left) for Scotland, next to it (Right) are what the good polls are predicting for 2 days from now, May 7th 2015. So I hope this explains how I feel about the Royal Family and how many in Scotland and the UK do also. Sure we have Royalists and Unionists still but very low numbers, many sing “God Save the Queen” at certain Football Stadiums in Scotland in 2015, 2 Stadiums perhaps, one for sure, the other is a small percentage who get boo’d by their own fans for singing it. I don’t hate the Royal Family, I just love Scotland more 🙂

Red = Labour, Blue =Tory, Dark Orange - Liberal Democrat....Yellow - SNP, The Scottish National Party

Red = Labour, Blue =Tory, Dark Orange – Liberal Democrat….Yellow – SNP, The Scottish National Party

  For now…


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9 comments on “Royal’s, Babies, why Scotland has turned away from English Elite

  1. This is a great article. Years and years ago my grandfather (he was in glory before I arrived) said, “I do not wish them any harm, but just let them be, they’re immaterial”. Or words to that effect !

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wish they were immaterial. As I said above, or was it below? lol…The strain on First World countries and poor has changed in last 20 years, it is now worse. Making the time for the Royals to move on. Will never happen but if we lived in true democracy we wouldn’t be having this debate right?

      Sorry for late reply buddy


  2. I remember going to the cinema and , after the film, everybody stood up and sang
    ” god save the queen “. When I told my family this they were in fits laughing …No Way, gran !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah I have heard this story a few times. My Gran (I am 40 years old) worked in Edinburgh, Scotland Odean cinema when it was the cost of ‘1 Jam Jar’ to get in to the movie. She said this was common during the war time and after.

      In a world of poor, in the 1st World, USA/UK etc..It makes giving these people millions a year more of an issue. Is where I live.. 😀

      Thanks Betty x


  3. The entire Commonwealth treat them like Royalty (You know what I mean lol) This used to be “England’s Empire” You don’t create an Empire or Commonwealth being nice. So this Commonwealth, of which we just had the Athletic games in Glasgow is born from Murder, torture and more.

    After yesterday, Alex and Nicola have more say so and more power…BRILLIANT TIME TO BE SCOTTISH!! It is like a surreal party here. We can’t believe this happened.. lol ..Sadly the English feel today as we here in Scotland felt day after the Referendum. Nobody in England knew Tory voters. They are likely to protest down there now. Scotland is almost free from it all..Not long to to..And no Royalty around our neck

    Liked by 1 person

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