Will The Real Scotland Please Stand Up


Tomorrow Scotland has a 2nd chance not to free ourselves from the British Union, but to become an integral part of the inner working of Westminster. We were told before the Referendum “Do not leave us Scotland, LEAD us Scotland” Now we try and we are almost terrorists in some media. I am proud to be Scottish, I am proud we are the cleverest most innovative nation on EARTH. We lost last year but this year we seen the lies, we called the media very early on their lies, we told Politicians we would not listen to their lies. The polls are pointing hard to Scotland winning all 59 seats in Westminster, breaking the record of 6 we have today. We could have a clean sweep in Scotland by making the entire political map yellow. Many say “Feet on the ground, they are only polls” and they are of course correct. But Scotland we stood back up, we didn’t go and hide from the truth, we didn’t put our fingers in our ears, we didn’t go away, we didn’t go away!! We stood up, we shouted, we talked, we debated and informed each other.

Red = Labour, Blue =Tory, Dark Orange - Liberal Democrat....Yellow - SNP, The Scottish National Party

Red = Labour, Blue =Tory, Dark Orange – Liberal Democrat….Yellow – SNP, The Scottish National Party

People who voted no are now voting SNP in record numbers. We must look at the Membership of the SNP from before the Referendum to now. Prior to the referendum the party had 25,642 members, soon after that had increased to 52,034, as I type this on 6th May 2015 the SNP have well over 100,000 members. Scotland is a place I am glad I live, I am thankful I live in the most progressive nation on Earth. Scotland we created most things on this Earth from the TV to the Telephone to Radio, radar and sonar and a million other things. All the main parts to make the Internet possible were made by Scottish people. Scotland is a clever nation, we don’t fool easy, we ask why, we demand the truth and we take to the streets in record numbers when we feel we need to. Below, I have shared this before, but this is an Englishman. An Englishman who understand’s CLEARLY what Scotland are doing right now. He is in AWE of us Scotland. He is a good lad and always says what is real. Tomorrow Scotland we can be fools again or we can lead, become more still. 

Decide well Scotland because our future is looking back to 2014 already, don’t let our future see it happen twice 

50,000 Scottish foot soldiers sing our nations song
Flower of Scotland with lyrics
Via Pateator on You Tube


The radical Scottish revolution is here!!!


Vote SNP and get Scotland over a line we will never be pulled back over again

Alba Gu Brath

For now…


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