Looks Like The Promised Radical Scottish Revolution is Happening!

Looks like ALL 5 Edinburgh seats are SNP!

Looks like ALL 5 Edinburgh seats are SNP!

Right now Scotland we may end up with a Tory Government but we can now, with Alex Salmond in Westminster stand up harder and demand the Edinburgh Agreement and Vow is given, with over 50 seat as looks likely Scotland will have the clout in all English Westminster votes inside the London Chambers 😀 SNP had 6 seats yesterday, we could in-fact end up holding the balance of power enough to push the Tory party for full fiscal home rule. As I sit and watch the girl who got a row from her Dad on Twitter,  Kezia Dugdale, ‘Deputy leader of Scottish Labour Party is, as I type blaming the Scottish People for allowing the Tory Party into Power. The same Labour Party who sat at the same Referendum table as the Tory party now want to tell Scotland and it’s people we are to blame for another Tory Government. Yeah this may be the case but Scotland has enough power to change Scotland hopefully. Labour look to have lost all seats, Tory look to have lost all seats, Liberal Democrats and SNP are close up North in 1 seat but people who are there say “The SNP are JUST ahead”

Scotland we are looking at History this second. Next year Scottish Elections and we keep standing up. We have just shown the WORLD we will turn our back on liars. Labour need blame themselves for ruling out an SNP coalition, how many English people would have liked this? I think many English people wanted Labour/SNP Government. Hope you are all having a good night. Sadly Scotland must now fight a Tory party we did not vote, but we now know we can and will fight, stand up and stay up


Kezia Dugdale, ‘Deputy leader of Scottish Labour Party’ pulled up on Twitter by own father over Nicola Sturgeon memo claims


Father and daughter disagree on Telegraph claims over SNP leader Sturgeon

Saying Scotland voters made and SNP Government


Remember this? – The radical Scottish revolution is here!!!


For now…


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