A Quick and Simple ‘WHY’ – Scotland & SNP are better than London Elite

One goes for expensive party. Another gets on a BUS!

One goes for expensive party. Another gets on a  public BUS!

Simply this is an image that will confuse the ‘UK Elite’ who look at our tax pennies as their own money because it shows ‘Reality’ The London Elite won last night, make no mistake there was never a chance of Labour/SNP get together in Westminster, Ed Miliband knew it, Alex and Nicola knew it. We were stupid to think we could be a free nation but we now know what we are up against. This image above the ‘Elite’ I have been writing about for over 10 years and mocked for doing so won’t understand Scotland people nor the SNP. Scottish and English Labour have spent today blaming Scottish people and SNP for ‘Breaking Britain’ https://shaunynews.com/2015/05/08/labour-mps-say-racist-scottish-people-why-did-they-fight-to-keep-scotland-in-uk/ What we have Scotland, what we did last night was assure REAL DEMOCRACY will be given a chance in Scotland, and things will only improve. Today English friends and family of us all in Scotland feel the same way we did on September 19th, English people hoped for Labour/SNP in large numbers, Ed Miliband made sure people would vote otherwise and it was on purpose I truly believe this. It was not going be allowed to happen. Scotland we can free ourselves, all we must do is keep doing what we are

Turn the coin around however, as such a huge British (Scottish really) name these days she really does need protection same as the Prime Minister/Leader of any nation. Must be logistical nightmare for her security team. Very surprised she was allowed on a public bus while she probably should have been taken in a car on the QT. Still, Nicola wants to be one of the people, remain humble. SNP and Scottish way. Middle ground has to be found, but admirable Nicola wants to spend as little of the public purse as she can. Sure she gets paid, unlike London, she knows Tax and other incoming money is ours, it belongs to Scotland. Something the ‘Tory Elite’ don’t do, they take from us and party with it

For now…


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4 comments on “A Quick and Simple ‘WHY’ – Scotland & SNP are better than London Elite

    • Thanks!! We are still all in dream land. We wanted this last September. It’s surreal. We are delighted of course and this changes the Smith Commission for sure now. 56 seat representation is enough for SNP to say “Home rule”


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