Breaking News – Two police officers shot and killed in Mississippi

Hattiesburg lawmen study information on suspects wanted for the fatal shooting of two Hattiesburg, Miss., police officers on Saturday night, authorities are conducting a manhunt for the suspects

Hattiesburg lawmen study information on suspects wanted for the fatal shooting of two Hattiesburg, Miss., police officers on Saturday night, authorities are conducting a manhunt for the suspects

Two police officers were shot and killed on Saturday in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, and the shooter fled the area in a police vehicle, local television station WDAM reported. The police vehicle was abandoned near a local train depot, it said. The station, citing local officials, said law enforcement agencies were conducting a manhunt for the suspect in the area, which is about 80 miles (129 km) southeast of Jackson. A police dispatcher declined to comment and a spokesperson for the Hattiesburg Police Department could not immediately be reached for confirmation or detail on the report.  According to WDAM, two officers were transported to Forrest General Hospital in Hattiesburg, where they were pronounced dead. The officers were shot during a traffic stop and that the suspect then fled in one of their vehicles.

This is getting bad slowly America, who is cop killing?

For now…


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11 comments on “Breaking News – Two police officers shot and killed in Mississippi

  1. They caught the bastards that did it. Oh yeah, allegedly did it. Whatever. Was a simple traffic stop. Most dangerous thing a cop can do. Closely followed by domestic disturbance.


    • Don’t know if American Media told this story Dan.
      We got it over here..JUST!! Had to know where to check daily to find it.
      Anyone can no go to UN Website and see it. The UN want the US cops to start doing what cops do over here, well the special cop cars with Guns, we have a few in every area..To shoot to injure, not kill

      In ALL our history in this Country 1 Policeman has been killed by a person. I can’t think of any/many where the Police killed anyone.. Don’t get me wrong I got the crap kicked out me a few times by the police as an older teenager, but I guess they taught me to behave… lol

      Did you know the UN “Behave US Cops” Story? America are breaking laws they signed when joining the UN. This is why there is a story. America has turned bad and Dan…I have been saying it to you and whoever else for a year now. There is no argument, America is changing.
      Google – Jade Helm
      You Tube – Jade Helm
      Texas is a BIG developing story. BIG STORY…

      Hope you are well Dan.
      I am just sharing the truth I see then research. Although 1 country on Earth don’t see it this way 😀
      All good though… We all live and learn.

      Had I not been disabled and stopped being Football Manager and DJ I wouldn’t be here telling the USA News it’s own media refuse to tell.. You can clearly see it now. Much of the debate over the year or so with you and I was because you couldn’t source the story in the USA and your Internet is being closed down slowly tiny bit by tiny bit. Why do you think WordPress have a “Contact Senate” banner on startup? Patriot Act is being ratified again… Unreal for you guys.

      I will even share Fox News 😀

      Strange how media just can’t tell it as it is..

      We are lucky we have democracy over here Dan. SNP (Scotland) winning 56 of 59 available Scottish, Westminster seats was HUGE…We had 6 last week 😀

      I do write about other countries.. lol


      • No shit it is changing. But I can assure you that the bumper stickers saying “the only way you’ll take away my gun is by prying it from my cold dead hands” is true. Anyone can go to Walmart and buy a semi-auto. Permit to carry concealed is 40 bucks and a four hour class. And a background check. That’s in Utah. Tougher in some other states. And of course open carry is always legal. Walked in Walmart other day behind a guy with a Glock 9mm on his hip. Neighbor down street, retired Air Force dentist (colonel) has a half dozen AR15s and over 10,000 rounds of 7.62 ammo. Hell of a nice guy. Sings in church choir. Good Mormon. No drinking smoking or screwing around. Met a female teacher at a junior high (years 6-8) who always carries concealed at work and elsewhere.

        But don’t break in to his house…..

        It is real and there is zero, zip, nada chance of change.


      • FECK!!! Dan you would NEVER have said this a year ago..May I ask what has made you kinda change your thinking? As you have a bit. I see what you say and reply “Good luck” But do you REALLY think Civil War is coming off the back of Martial Law, that is coming buddy, sadly!
        “Can Obama use martial law to stay in White House past 2016″
        ..Is the question being asked by many right now. There are Millions like me in-side America trying to tell what we can see happening. I am in Scotland so depend on good reliable sources with good video. Like Ferguson video, clearly showing the cop killed the kid when his hands were in the air. I have seen it all, sadly nobody can post it on You Tube, it’s removed within the hour. Truth about your own and World news is being withheld from America. Do you see this as the reason Guns will come into play? Many say Obama/DHS have bought BILLIONS of incoming bullets to the USA. Some say “We can make bullets” But can the people overthrow the biggest War machine on Earth?
        Reason I write about the USA is simple my friend. You guys go down, there is a chance it affects my Daughters here in Scotland. Simple a reason I can give you Dan mate.

        I am glad we don’t have Gun culture. Saying that an EX mate is doing life for shooting a Gambian dead over a drug deal gone wrong 2 years ago in town. Other than that there are no guns here. Purely for different culture reasons we don’t want or need Guns. We have been there, they just caused what I see in the USA now. I am talking 300 years ago here in Europe before USA was named.

        Is it really that bad buddy? Be straight with me, I know you will. I am always to point. You is a good man Dan. I love your honesty..

        Still wish you would Skype me you bore 😉

        I just want to hear the shock in your voice 😀
        NO VIDEO!!!


  2. tough times… it’s not hard to see how police can be overly violent – even a routine traffic stop can be deadly. It’s a deadly spiral right now.


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