Election 2015: Sturgeon says Cameron must go further on devolution

Story just breaking now

Story just breaking now

Just breaking this story. I said in a few articles during and after the GE2015 vote that Scotland, the SNP will now demand much more in the Smith Commission that what was agreed before.  This is why Nicola and the SNP needed more than 50 SNP’s in London. Will Cameron bend? I doubt it, but Scotland are getting very strong very quickly and with each passing year we are getting stronger as younger voters want to be free. With 50% of last weeks vote in Scotland, can the SNP demand more? I think we must fight hard and get what was at least promised

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Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has called for new tax and welfare powers to be devolved to Scotland as a “priority”. Ms Sturgeon told the BBC such powers would allow the Scottish government to grow the economy.

She added that she had spoken “briefly” to Prime Minister David Cameron but more discussions were required. Ms Sturgeon also said her party now provided the main opposition at Westminster.

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr programme, Ms Sturgeon said Mr Cameron did not appear to want to move beyond powers already outlined in the Smith Commission. She said: “What we will argue for is priority devolution of powers over business taxes, employment, the minimum wage, welfare, because these are the levers we need to grow our economy to get people into work paying taxes and lifting people out of poverty. “David Cameron did not give me any indication that he wanted to move beyond the current Smith Commission proposals. “I think he has to and that clearly is one of the things we are going to have to discuss.”

‘Good deal’

Elsewhere in the interview, Ms Sturgeon was asked whether a UK government offer of full fiscal autonomy – the devolution of all tax and spend powers – within two years would be a “good deal” for Scotland. She replied: “It would be the responsibility of the Scottish government and our MPs down in the House of Commons to make sure we get a good deal.”

She said any move towards full fiscal autonomy created “questions” around issues such as how much Scotland contributed towards reserved areas such as defense, and how much Scotland would pay towards UK debt interest payments. “We have not got into the details of those discussions,” she added. “My starting point is that Scotland’s voice has to be heard.”

She said any move to full fiscal responsibility would take several years to implement. Ms Sturgeon described her party as the “principal opposition to the Conservatives”. She said she would seek to build alliances with others to stand up for “progressive politics”

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