Hatred and the Scottish racist media

Alternative media is the way we MUST go Scotland

Alternative media is the way we MUST go Scotland

This was written fully for a football site. I edited heavily, for an hour or so to make it more “Scottish” If I have left some football in, sorry. But I ask people read the message I intended. Obama video for example. I will edit further if I have too..No issue there. But the reasons are all the same

When we see the bad part of Scotland, the part we seen after the referendum, we must know they are scared men who will happily be big when all Loyalist or Unionist mates are around, you guys in Glasgow get it worse, no argument, I have not even seen an Orange Walk, this is how East of Scotland minded I am thankfully, but I look at things and question things some people won’t because of a media telling them to believe things, and to not question, now we all do. I I took a decision to look to the World to see if Scotland was alone and my jaw dropped, I seen it all over, there were demonstrations all over London last 2 days, really bad ones and some media, just wasn’t a great story at all although it was a huge event, most I seen it on was Alternative media

UK ANTI GOVERNMENT RIOTS – Riots Erupt in London Over Re-Election of David Cameron

We all seen in the Scottish Referendum lies from certain TV and print media and I am sure this swayed opinions in people’s minds. I write a lot about Scotland here www.shaunynews.com and I see it more and more every day. People watching a TV news show and believing every word. I am going to switch Continents to show you this is a Global Main stream media issue. How we are tricked and conned by the most subtle of stories, some go unnoticed so I will give you an example of what IS happening to Scotland. Back in the last American (Stay with me now!) Elections I was sent a video by an American journalist joking and laughing, trying to show me the American media have now turned almost Fascist, but I showed him within 5 seconds how he had been tricked. Here is the video, and then we can debate it

Now what did you see there? Was it harmless banter with “Mike and the Big ‘O'” or was it something subtle, to get people in America, like they do to us here in Scotland and all over our World to believe that it was harmless fun? That would be your logical first thought right? “That was a few people having fun there Shaun” Now stop, apply logic now. Remember the woman who tried to ram her car into the Whitehouse gates when Obama wasn’t even in the building? She was shot in the head from close range in front of the World, no messing about with the POTUS. Here is a reminder

So too sum up, a woman gets shot in the head for driving near the Whitehouse but Mike can walk past the most powerful man, the media would have you believe, point 3 feet away and threaten the President. If you think that is fine and dandy, you need to wake up. If you though different after watching the videos and think like me and most people who have now seen it, brilliant, you understand this Media and it’s hatred of Democracy is a Global thing. Obama’s security detail would have jumped all over Mike, use common sense and logic with both stories and you have no plausible answer other than the one I present to what happened there. Here in Scotland we suffer the same thing, people get away with things others wouldn’t. The last Referendum prove money and power in our World are what decides what part of the truth we get told, often we need to look past the lies we are told, like with Mike and Big ‘O’ to understand the lengths they go to in order to keep us asleep enough to allow what we don’t want to happen, to occur. Scotland isn’t free as it probably should be due to the media

Well we must watch alternative mostly!

Well we must watch alternative mostly!

I used to ask always “Why do the media get away with this crap” Then I asked, does this happen only in Scotland or does it happen all over the World, then ShaunyNews begun as I seen what was happening here happening the World over, the little guy being crapped onto and people dying. The World is waking up to the plight of Palestine. Israel and American media will try to keep Palestine on it’s knee’s but I think the people of Europe will free Palestine one day, the World is waking up to the lies, a global awaking is happening, I seen it last week. I first asked the “Real Scotland to Stand up” I then showed what Standing up can do When Democracy has a chance to Work because the people DEMAND it”  We need this to keep happening against Certain media, we can bring down ANYTHING, we just need to know where to start

Did media make this happen?

Did media make this happen?

What writing did for me and help me see, meeting people I had seen on TV, proper activists etc is this notion Scottish people have that the BBC hate them and it’s just Scotland this happens is actually untrue, it’s Global! How do we fight a Global Elite War Machine that wants our money?

Opening our eyes to a hard truth is a start

Opening our eyes to a hard truth is a start

So this is the reality, as people we are limited in what we can do, so we must share alternative media where the truth is told and seen. I seen thousands of people proclaim “I won’t buy Main stream media” or watch it on TV. If this is the case why do these main stream media people still have such a strong voice, way louder than ours? The reason is because people are still buying into the main stream media and giving it a voice. Anyone noticed I have not mentioned not ONE media source here? Not one, I give no name or credit to any media who allowed a cheating, hating scar on Scotland’s society to live and breath and harm my two daughters and your kids maybe in 20 years, as it will grow louder this hate.




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