England still doesn’t get what the election in Scotland was really about

Leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon listens to the Glasgow declarations.

Leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon listens to the Glasgow declarations.

Anything in this color here is a link so click it to be taken the article I am speaking about I had wrote before. I had the total pleasure of speaking to the writer of this article, a Channel 4 War Correspondent Alex Thompson a while back during a big Scottish news story. He is a really decent guy, always watch him on TV and read his blog for Channel 4. This is a man who has seen the darkest elements of our species on his reporting War all over the World,  has been vocal and honest in his writing from down south about the World’s Governments when the truth needed said, when I say to people “Always get the right news, news you can reply on” I would suggest Channel 4 as a good place to start for TV first but their news overall is superb. For me Alex and his buddies are like any friend I have in England, I wanted the best for Scotland but for English people, better for them also, Labour/SNP to really change the mentality of what the Tory Eton Boys do and stand for would have been good for this country. I wrote this 5 years ago now “Groomed for Power” and re-did it for this Election. We must understand what the Tory’s stand for. Many will take the money and live in denial of suffering just to sit at the right dinner table to eat succulent lamb and more as part of a power hungry elite, be them small and localized or big and nationwide, with the SNP we have a party who will work for the people to improve the people and help the people. Article below by Alex Thompson. Link is below in blue to his site, I will add a video Alex did before the vote here in Glasgow, Scotland THIS IS THE NEWS SOURCE IN MAIN STREAM WE NEED TO WATCH MORE!! We have media friends so we must help them help us. If we can promote them they will promote us in Scotland for what we are and they can dispel some myth’s and lies told by many older MP’s like Paddy Ashdown, John Major as well as a host of others, with some lies from most being directed at the SNP and Scotland. We were almost ISIS is some of the news reporting. I often wonder why Tory and Labour worked together so hard to keep us in this Union and tell us “Don’t leave the Union Scotland! You can LEAD Britain” I have these images in my head of Scotland and England having a bad divorce with a lot of trouble, however over the last 2 days the Tory Party have sent some back benchers out to proclaim “Scotland must be given full fiscal home rule” So that is interesting. You read me, now listen and read Alex, this gives me hope and right now Scotland is on full alert, peacefully trying to get to a place we want to be

We talk about fair news, this is Alex before the vote, want real news? Watch this
Channel 4’s Alex Thomson talks down Scottish Labour, tells SNP truth
Via Channel 4 on You Tube

~~~Story below and Click for link~~~

Alex Thomson

Alex Thomson

A Jockalypse Now – that’s the Scottish National Party buzz-phrase as they and their legions bask in the afterglow of turning Scotland yellow from the glens to Glasgow and back.

Turning a racial slur into a badge of victory, jock being a derogatory term for Scot, suddenly it’s all Francis Ford Coppola as Nicola Sturgeon’s 56 members of parliament head south to break the Westminster mindset – A Jockalypse Now. That’s the confidence, cachet downright choppiness that winning 56 out of 59 seats in a country gets you.

But …

One big problem looms for the SNP. They represent the highlands, islands, urban housing projects, city centres – they represent everywhere let’s face it.

And …

They face a massive language barrier. You see Westminster, London and England generally have real issues when it comes to speaking their language and understanding them. The British Establishment in the shape of David Cameron’s Conservative party seems to have profound difficulties here.

A young boy joins in on the SNP's victory.

A young boy joins in on the SNP’s victory

It’s not that the English Establishment is tone deaf to the SNP. They really don’t get the lingo at all. For example, throughout this campaign, the SNP has plainly been talking about one thing and the English Establishment has been talking back at them about something entirely different . Sturgeon’s number one campaign manifesto issue has been to fight against cuts to welfare and social spending imposed by Cameron’s Conservative government over the past five years. She has said about 123 gazillion times:

“Even if we win every single seat in Scotland, which we won’t, that would not be a mandate to have another referendum on independence.”

Yet Conservative and Labour leaders alike have popped up all the way through the election campaign to warn darkly of the threat to the Union and even the (non-existent) British constitution should the SNP win the vote. Somehow this major comprehension-block has to be climbed over if the yellow SNP of Scotland and the blue Conservatives of England are to do business going forward. What the English Establishment doesn’t get is that the SNP are about a broad culture and political zeitgeist – the Establishment too often see them simply, narrowly and quite wrongly as a campaign for independence pure and simple.

Mhairi Black of the SNP, the youngest MP since the 1600s.

Mhairi Black of the SNP, the youngest MP since the 1600s.

If the latter were true you would not see a 20-year-old student with upcoming exams evicting a sitting MP who was the Labour Shadow Foreign Secretary. If it were true, how come it took the Labour Party in Scotland generations to see off the Tories here – the SNP have annihilated Labour here in five months. Why? Because Scotland is witnessing a wholesale mass rebellion against austerity policies but moreover against the entire Blair-Brown New Labour project. Labour is seen as the party, which sold people out to Tory welfare cuts. So it is about way more than the dream of independence. Alarmingly there are few signs yet that political leaders will learn or are even interested in learning what these 56 new MPs are about.

Nicola Sturgeon with her 56 new SNP MPs in Queensferry, Scotland
Via Peter Curran on You Tube


Take election night. You have the defeated Labour leader Ed Miliband saying his party has been obliterated in Scotland “by a surge of nationalism” Moments later up pops the Conservative MP and London Mayor Boris Johnson saying they must talk to the SNP about “federalism” which would be “simple” You what? Federalism? I don’t think I even heard this word in six weeks on the campaign across Scotland from any party campaigning. The fact is that is was anti-austerity; anti austerity cuts; anti-Trident nuclear missile system and so on. It was a manifesto – in fact – that led to the SNP conquering Scotland .

So the massive tectonic plates now grind up against each other as the third biggest still-UK political party flexes its new muscle. The inability of the English plate to understand what has happened in Scotland suggests the tectonics could create an earthquake.

True Cameron may soon be indicating more real powers for Scotland including moves down the road towards letting Scots have full economic control over their own affairs. There is conjecture – not even proper talking on this at this still-early stage. And this is where the hope lies, that a historic mandate can be fulfilled north of the border. Cameron will have to move genuinely and quickly on this.

The central principle of the SNP’s campaign has been that they can make Scotland’s voice heard more effectively in London than the Labour Party has been able to do for years. It was manifestly not about gaining enough MPs to somehow force another independence referendum out of Westminster. The only times the SNP leadership talked about referendum or nationalism or indeed independence were the occasions when the media repeatedly questioned them on it.

Indeed the hallmark of this election was the SNP endlessly being asked by journalists – this one included – about issues they were not campaigning on! Why? Because London news editors could not get themselves beyond the independence agenda any more than other slightly paranoid areas of London.


Alex speaks the truth, really, follow him. TV Online, refreshing!

Because the clear danger is that if the English Establishment simply reverts to paranoia seeing the SNP as nothing less than a threat to the Union of the UK that they cherish so much and nothing more, that is what will bring about that very earthquake they fear so much. So the paranoia must go in England. The psychology that led the ever-brittle Daily Mailnewspaper to dub Sturgeon “The Most Dangerous Woman In Britain” must not infect English political bosses any more if they really care about their Union. Cameron’s new mandate should lead him get to know the SNP and understand their language in his own interests, if nobody else’s.

As the Mafia say – keep your friends close but your enemies closer.


For now…


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6 comments on “England still doesn’t get what the election in Scotland was really about

  1. And to be fair, I doubt many English ever really will!

    I have exclaimed myself to you in the past that I would hate to the the break up of the Union, despite not being a Unionist nor a Monarchist, but if I were Scots or even Englishman living in Scotland I’d probably vote yes for independence.

    I’m no nationalist either, in fact I feel nationalism to be dangerous and somehow rather filthy regardless of its political leanings. I’d vote yes just to free myself from the tyranny of the bloody Tories that idiots in the south of England and anywhere out of big cities have continually voted for over the years. To make matters worse we have a rising UKIP led idiocracy to deal with in the present and near future.

    There really is another way for Scotland to have self determination AND a direct influence over foreign policy and International strategies of the UK: a Federation. This body would also please nationalists on all sides of borders and allow for a strong general economy. Plus the SNP can directly tell Westminster what is up and where to go.

    Keep up the fight my brother, I stand with you; be it independence or not.

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    • Brilliant to read mate!! I said this a few times now. I know many English people who feel now, how we felt up here after the Referendum, almost disbelief. Shock in places. Do you feel that down there? Many have buddy…

      Nicola, SNP, Scotland REALLY did want a Labour coalition, SNP never ONCE said “2nd Referendum” Not once. Labour had posters all over Scotland…As you see it failed. Labour will be gone by the end of the Scottish Elections. Interesting back benchers from Tory party are saying “I would vote yes with David Cameron to give Scotland full fiscal home rule now”
      No voters were assured of the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ = Full home rule..We will get this and more now. I don’t get why England voted Tory. I knew tons of English people eager to see Labour/SNP Westminster. With Labour through Ed and Jim (No seat) Murphy up here saying “No deal ever with SNP not even vote for vote etc”….I think that killed them. But my suspicious nature is now thinking “Did Labour ever want to let the SNP in”?

      Cheers man

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  2. I think London is all too well aware of the Scottish zeitgeist at this time, and of its ramifications should SNP be permitted to follow the anti-austerity argument through to its logical conclusion; which would be, put in simple terms, a reproduction of the British Labour tragedy so efficiently orchestrated by Gordon Brown in the last year if his administration. There are many reasons to allow this pot to brew, and to avoid too drastic a response too early: SNP is very much a child prodigy, full of precocious intelligence but lacking in fiscal wisdom. the fervor that carried their cause so dramatically in the polls was due in no small measure to their decision to open the vote to the young, something still not recognized in England. There is something of a Justin Bieber-like heroism about Nicola Sturgeon; she may be an experienced politician, but she is still young enough in appearance and thinking to carry the fan-worship of tribes of idealistic young – and young or old, the Scots are very good at tribes.
    Full fiscal autonomy, delivered in magnum force, is the answer to the SNP ‘problem’ – something Sturgeon well knows, and it will be her anxiety to allay this policy that will shape the Scottish presence in London for at least the next parliament – even to the point where she may be forced to bite the bullet over the Euro Referendum issue, however staunchly she may oppose it in principle. Were she forced to deal with the realities of anti-austerity the SNP’s political bubble would burst – the true value of most of their policies would crumble under test. And nobody, least of all Cameron at the head of a majority government, would want that result.
    The truth is, like the North of England, Scotland has largely lost its traditional, hard-working industrial base. Workers who would vote Labour without question have produced children who have a wider view of the world and whose opinions are, or will be, more informed. They are under-employed, and still instinctively anti-Tory, but instincts die. Change is insidious. In that sense SNP is a reactionary force playing to those broader views but carrying the same old Labour message. The root cause for that approach’s success, however, can be largely attributable to the interim phase of non-industrial redevelopment – the benefits culture. As new sources of wealth creep north of the border so the relevance of the hardline Labour argument will diminish and the new liberalism (small ‘l’) will creep in – the roots, after all, are already there. It is not a rapid progress. The north of England, my homeland, professes itself to be still staunchly Labour, but it is noticeable that in my constituency at this election it was the Liberal Party that came second.

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  3. Effectively, Scotland has been a one-party country for some time now. Full fiscal autonomy would remedy the balance, and also put thoughts of nationalism to bed, to some extent. Oil is a diminishing resource, without which the burden of taxation versus population North of the border would become very heavy indeed, if unsupported from the south. Putting nationalist fervor aside, this is really a problem faced by the whole of UK, in that the power of The City unbalances the distribution of wealth as well as population, something, incidentally, even the Conservative parliamentarian recognizes: there are moves to de-centralize: both Manchester and Newcastle are being expanded and space for a ‘second city’ made. Newcastle, particularly, is shaking off its Labour image and inviting commerce northward.
    The danger for Scotland, if the nationalization path becomes too much of a threat, is that those large national business concerns which currently spread north without regard to a border will withdraw to positions south of Berwick. They will need assurance that there won’t be a taxation penalty for their activity in Scotland, before they invest.

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    • I read what you say and I agree with most but not others. I don’t think companies will withdraw from Scotland, as we were told pre-referendum, things get said to sway votes. Something not many know is Scotland’s biggest in-take, is not Oil, it’s Whisky. There are so many things that could look after 4.8 Million people. Scotland is tiny. We are the only country have a 100% balanced budget 5 years running and that is with our money going to London. Should we keep it? We are way better off..
      ..Guess we will know soon mate


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