Songs for the woman in my life


Often we go through life, a year, month, weeks, a day, a moment, a special moment, and we don’t tell people “I love you” I learnt from my parents, even when things were hard to always say these words to the person in life who makes you complete. I don’t know any other woman like I know the amazing woman I am with today. We are both 40 (ish) years old, known each other since we were 11 and 12 (ish) She was the girl all the guys wanted, I kissed her in-front of her boyfriend when she was 14 or so, we had been amazing friends till then. I took that chance often others don’t, I made the plea many people let slip. I often sit and think “What if I had not plucked up the courage” this leads to “Where would I be today” And this is true. Every corner we turn, every movement we make, decision made, we turn left we find things we turn right we hit a brick walls. That is life, chance, thing’s just happen. I never knew aged 16 with a Pregnant partner who was 15 that I would be here today with all these amazing people around me, my partner amazing sons, 2 little princess’s, family and friends, extended family. My life could have sent me anywhere, so why here? ‘People’ can say to me “SHAUN YOU THINK TOO MUCH” or any “Shaun, you are an awful lad for…?Whatever” As I have grown older anger and hate have left my heart and mind, people who remember a Shaun who was in and out of jail, sadly some still see him, thankfully more see me now, lets face it I am hard not to be seen or heard, I draw attention to myself a lot. I often wonder what makes me write as I do now when I am actually a news writer. I don’t think the answer is important, all that matters is we are all where we are this moment. If in this moment you smile or think of a good memory then life is as good as it can be, can’t get worse for sure. So we forget yesterday, let it go we can’t change it. We smile today knowing all the mistakes we made yesterday made us happy in THIS MOMENT HERE. All we can do afterwards is hope the seeds we plant for tomorrow grow as we intended. For me life is this easy, people make life hard, some get a hard life, we all have a story, a reason, an issue, I am just like you, you are just like me if you are smiling reading this GOOD, if not, please try find that illusive moment before you run out of moments, we all day “Life goes too quick” yet do we stand still long enough to actually live and love? I am just typing as the music plays as my mind tells my fingers what to write. This took me an hour, writing is getting hard but I don’t define other people so I expect the same back, I am defined by who I am, my kids, partner and how we live, not what we have or don’t have. My priorities as I grow older, like us all, are in the right place, I could not imaging living in this pain and then choosing to let it beat me up all day every day.  Take a chance on smiling, you never know what will happen 

❤ ❤

James Arthur- Roses ft. Emeli Sandé (lyric video)
Via TheVintageLyrics on You Tube

Certain Things by James Arthur (Lyrics)
Via nathalia mutz on You Tube

Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (LYRICS)
Via DG CREATIVES on You Tube

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