USA: No Charges For Wisconsin Cop In Fatal Shooting

The killing of 19-year-old Tony Robinson was a "lawful use of deadly police force", says the district attorney.

The killing of 19-year-old Tony Robinson was a “lawful use of deadly police force”, says the district attorney.

Another march/protest arranged this time in Madison, Wisconsin. I am not surprised by the verdict, if there is a way to not make a cop guilty they find it to cover each others’s back. The cop who got charged ONLY got charged because the evidence was too much to cover. America, I have been very consistent in the last year and look what is happening. I think it’s fair to say what I have been saying, is happening. The UN just asked the USA to explain black deaths by white cops. Not something Europeans say, we don’t define by color. The World is looking at you America and we are starting to see something else and dangerous talk, you don’t see it in the crowd, you see it standing above the crowd or away from the crowd, in the crowd you are just part of it all and you can’t see what’s around you. I got reminded today I have NO REASON AT ALL!!! To write about America to help Americans, this is what I am doing here so you know. I love America but you all need to wake up 😦

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A white police officer who shot dead an unarmed biracial man in Wisconsin two months ago will not be charged, a prosecutor has said. Tony Robinson, 19, was fatally shot by officer Matt Kenny on 6 March in Madison, setting off days of peaceful protests in the city. Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne, who is himself biracial, confirmed in a news conference on Tuesday the Madison Police Department officer would not be indicted. “I conclude that this tragic and unfortunate death was the result of a lawful use of deadly police force and that no charges should be brought in the death of Tony Robinson Jr,” he said.

“I’m so very sorry for your loss,” he addressed the family of the dead man. He outlined the lead-up to the fatal shooting, describing how the 45-year-old police officer was called to an apartment after three 911 callers said Mr Robinson was jumping in front of cars and had assaulted two people. Callers said Mr Robinson was “going crazy”, was “tweaking out” on a controlled substance, and roaming the street shirtless blocking traffic. The district attorney detailed how the fatal confrontation unfolded in the residence near the state Capitol building.

There were seven shots fired in three seconds, the prosecutor said

There were seven shots fired in three seconds, the prosecutor said

The officer said Mr Robinson struck him in the head and continued advancing upon him, Mr Ozanne told reporters. There were seven shots fired in three seconds, the district attorney said, hitting Mr Robinson at close range. Mr Robinson’s mother said she was not surprised by the prosecutor’s decision. Andrea Irwin also said she doubted the investigation was thorough enough.  “They could have done a lot. What they didn’t do was give my son any respect,” she said. Mr Robinson’s uncle told local media his nephew took hallucinogenic mushrooms on the day he was killed. Mr Robinson was shot in the head, torso and right arm, found a preliminary post-mortem examination by the Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office. The Wisconsin Department of Justice investigated the incident under a state law requiring an external agency to handle inquiries on police shootings.

A march is planned on Wednesday from the house where Mr Robinson died

A march is planned on Wednesday from the house where Mr Robinson died

The protest group Young, Gifted and Black said earlier on Facebook that it expected Mr Kenny would not be charged, in “a continuation of historic and recent national trends” The activists said they would hold a demonstration starting at 9am on Wednesday at the house where Mr Robinson was killed. The police department said in a statement on Sunday it has been preparing for the announcement for weeks, including meetings with community leaders. “It is our hope – that working together – Madison can come through these challenging days ahead without violence or property damage,” it said. Demonstrators have been demanding that Officer Kenny be fired and charged with homicide.

Mr Robinson’s death came amid simmering tensions nationwide over police killings of other unarmed African-Americans.

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