David Cameron and Nicola Sturgeon to meet for talks, Nicola warn’s Cameron

Home rule is coming soon to a Scotland near you

Home rule is coming soon to a Scotland near you

So many headlines and ways of this story being told. I have linked from the Scotsman below and left some more links at the bottom. The links all tell “David and Nicola to meet Friday” Tory Back bencher’s been on TV last week or so saying “I would give Scotland the ‘Edinburgh Agreement’ or Home Rule now. Some of the links tell a different story and this really shows how different the media are on the same story. One thing is for sure, Scotland, we are in a BRILLIANT place right now. As I said, full Fiscal Home Rule is coming

~~~~Story Via The Scotsman~~~~

Nicola Sturgeon will stage showdown talks with David Cameron on Friday to set out the SNP’s key demands from the new Conservative Government. It’s believed the talks will be staged in Scotland and comes after the First Minister today met with the STUC where concerns were raised over the prospect of fresh austerity cuts under the new UK government.

Ms Sturgeon will make a statement to MSPs in Parliament later today on the impact of the general election result. She wants and end to austerity and more powers for the Scottish Parliament.

The SNP leader spoke with the Prime Minister by telephone on the day after the election last week which saw a Tory majority returned, while the SNP seized 56 of Scotland’s 59 Westminster seats. Ms Sturgeon and Deputy First Minister John Swinney attended the meeting with the STUC this morning which resulted in a memorandum of understanding (MOU) setting out concerns over the impact of the general election.

A Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “The First Minister and the STUC share serious concerns over the impact on the people of Scotland of the UK Government commitment to continued austerity, the additional £12 billion of cuts to social security spending and further erosion of trades union and employment rights.”

SNP have put Scottish people have put Scotland in am amazing place

SNP and Scottish people have put Scotland in am amazing place


There are tons of headlines, this is the Daily Record below. All the links show different stories almost, all links below. Blue headline is from Daily Record Scotland

Nicola Sturgeon warns David Cameron HE will be responsible for fast-tracking second referendum unless he meets key SNP demands




Daily Mail

Nicola’s tartan army: Lined up and ready for action SNP leader Sturgeon addresses her 56 MPs as she warns Cameron: ‘It’s NOT business as usual’




For now…


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