Lion in Cage for 13 years Released, Feels Grass and Dirt for the First Time

leoCaught this on Above Top Secret brilliant site that caters for everyone on Earth as it’s huge. This is the forum HERE Seen this video and story about this Lion. It had been kept in a cage it’s whole life, 13 years of age later, the big guy gets to feel grass and dirt for the first time ever. This makes me both happy and angry. Like the comment below by the user who posted it, I felt a tear, then anger at the poor Lion who had been abused by our horrible human species. As a species we humans are barbaric uncaring condescending, lets blame someone else, as we eat animal meat, wear perfumes, make up, deodorant and tons more, that were made safe for us at the expense of the animal kingdoms death. The lion was a circus ”performer” in Brazil, of course us adults we know ”performer” is for our amusement, circus animals are abused to amuse us and our kids, yet we moan about it and then go and be all hypocrites by using or wearing a product that animals died for to satisfy our needs and desires like spoilt kids who don’t care if someone built their expensive gaming console for £$1 a month, it’s the same! The make-up, cosmetic industry is the worst. Video of the lion and links below. We really are the Worst species we Humans 😦 But brilliant for the Lion to now know the ground, grass, mud, rocks and freedom

This was comment left by user and OP whyamIhere

His reaction brought a tear to my eye. I detest holding these animals as pets. We clearly need to rethink how we treat the creatures we share this planet with. The King of the Jungle is reduced to this pathetic animal. The People getting their amusement from the Lion need education. ***Description: A captive Lion feels grass and dirt for the first time. His reaction is great. He runs around rolling in the dirt and grass like its a new toy.

Lion Will feeling the earth for the first time after 13 years imprisoned in an iron cart
Via Rancho Gnome Sanctuary on You Tube

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