Open Letter to America! Time to explain to young people police are not the enemy??


I had to share this story here, it is the thoughts of one person, they bring up valid points. As you will read the person or people who were involved in this blog all say that America should not view the police as the enemy. As someone who has written about an already existing hash tag #PoliceStateUSA <Click) I don’t fully understand where this person is going with what they write. I will share 2 video’s below and link just my own #PoliceStateUSA articles and more links (Above). The only judge of this article I share is the people who may see things one way, it is very important to turn the coin around and look at the story in reverse, this is what the person here has done. I will say decent write up but I don’t fully agree. Are the police the bad guys or do Americans view them as such? Are the Cops in the USA too militarized? These are questions only American’s, open minded Americans will be able to answer. Also I thought #BlackLivesMatter ?

Wake Up America: The Rise of the Police State
Via Police State USA on You Tube

The American Police-State And Brutality In FULL-Action! (WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE)
Via ŠĩŗĜŕôŵåɭȍҭҭ on You Tube

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Two Mississippi police officers — one a rookie — were shot to death when a traffic stop turned violent, a state law enforcement spokesman said Sunday. Officers Benjamin J. Deen, 34, (photo left) and Liquori Tate, 24, (photo right), were the officers gunned down during this senseless attack. I am so sorry for these young officers and their families, and ashamed that America is at this point in history where the culture thinks law enforcement is the enemy!



Too bad the thugs who murdered these promising police officers will be treated with respect by their social media friends and will have trials paid for by the citizens of their state. We need to realize there is a hate growing in this country. It is envy, greed and violence all supported by the government and leaders who don’t mind on misguiding our youth for their own purposes.


When is our nation going to address the real problem here? The killing and other crimes will not go away by liberals supporting protests that turn into riots. Dig below the surface and find the real reason people kill, steal, loot, etc. There you will find the lack of parenting, no respect, no fathers, social programs being abused, criminal system that is being weakened by liberal policies and ideas, and the list goes on.


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I truly believe the biggest problem we have is that the liberals and black leaders convince these thugs the police are the “bad guys“. That they will be celebrated and honored by the black community if they commit such heinous acts against law officers. Honestly, where I am at this point in time, too bad the thugs weren’t killed also. But now there will be millions of dollars spent in court and imprisonment of the thugs. When people stop telling the thugs that the police are the “bad guys”, maybe some of this will stop.

More officers will be hurt or killed because now they have to approach their jobs and criminals with such caution and restraint that their lives are in danger more so than ever before thanks to the liberal media, Obama and the new Attorney General’s office, not to mention the likes of Al Sharpton.

People are shouting “#blacklivesmatter.” Well #AllLivesMatter and one more thing…killing cops for sport is NOT helping your cause. Where are all the protesters and celebrities standing up and making a stand for these officers?


When we recognize the errors in believing criminals are going to change on their own then and only then will the public be safe. But I guess it is not PC to make such comments.

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11 comments on “Open Letter to America! Time to explain to young people police are not the enemy??

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  4. This is interesting and shows the “other side.” Many Americans feel this way. I live in a culture of mean-ness, really…people think if a right-wing conservative gets elected, everyone will magically change their behavior.

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL…I hear ya. I go back to Obama getting sworn in, the World looked in and seen ‘Change’ We all really thought Obama would do amazing things and he would bring equality to the USA, stop wars, stop paying Israel. No, he paid Islam, forgot about Israel and is probably going to go down as one of the Worst POTUS ever.
      You are right, you can never tall.. Good point mate


      • I think you don’t really get it, though. It was worse under Bush (who invaded both Iraq and Afghanistan). There are still – to this day – Republicans who would like to continue the imperialism in the Middle East and perhaps attack Iran.

        Here are some names to google: Louie Gohmert, Tom Cotton, Duncan Hunter, Dick Cheney, pundits Bill Kristol, Republican donor Sheldon Adelson.

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      • I get all of that mate. I also get the UK, sadly my home, not Scotland follow America around the globe, thank fully we said no to Syria or there would have been a war there.
        I will look up the names. I care more about what will happen rather than what happened. Sure we must understand what happened, but we must move away from it..

        Happened Yesterday in my life in my land.

        Watch both videos. This was IRA Vs London, Politics and Royalty once. Today we have peace. Things are changing so much in my world just not.
        I think is why often I struggle to understand other Countries or people.
        I never do it with hate, I just ask questions and share what I can to hope people ask the most important question…..’Why’

        I get it my friend.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, good post. I re-blogged it, actually. The decision not to go to war against Syria was a big one, and it was influential over here. I’d say it definitely encouraged the U.S. not to go to war against the Assad regime.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Or Iran. The World struck peace with Iran and some of US Politicians want to STILL go to war with Iran. Europe is very slowly releasing Palestine from Israels grip by recognizing Palestine. And she will be freed. I see Religious people think there MUST be a War to free Palestine. Books make people strange..
        Give peace a chance I say. Worked VERY WELL over here… If you know the story behind this handshake good, if not, give it a Google…We gave an impossible peace a chance and look!

        And thanks

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      • Peace has happened. Many in my life circles don’t like Gerry or Martin for shaking Royal hands, but I see progress. Kids died, innocent people died, soldiers died, politicians died and Royal family died.
        I think it was in everyone’s best interest to find peace. Otherwise my kids would grow up in a War, but more like Israel/Palestine affair. People call that a War. Google War and the answer is right there, it is not a war..

        If peace can happen here after all the deaths I mentioned, Royal Family!!! Then peace can stand a chance anywhere. In the end people get sick of death, sick of seeing death, knowing death, death being a weekly occurrence in people’s lives. So I am glad they shook hands for the ONLY reason they shook hands. They shook hands for the people of the UK, that simple. Now nobody dies at the hands of the IRA/UDA/UVF/British Army

        Life is so very easy when you live through this subject, you see clearer how people make life hard for not just themselves but everyone. One person decides something #BANG lives are lost.

        Give peace a chance with Palestine and Israel. I say that knowing Israel is a War machine, Palestine the little guy.

        During the troubles here, 5% of Ireland, maybe less, way less, were IRA members. That is 5% of entire EIRE. In Palestine, we know over here that Hamas are around the same 5%. It really does help to be informed. Often it’s frustrating knowing American could stop the peace with Palestine. All of Europe and most of the World, like 90% recognize or want to recognize Palestine.

        Check this. Brilliant, we all thought so. No many complained to be fair.

        Palestinian flag in Edinburgh 2014

        Palestine flag in Glasgow

        I could probably share for every city in Europe. London also. Living over here, we see it different. Agree?


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