Nicola Sturgeon demands Alistair Carmichael stand down over memo leak

Nicola has ever right to be angry

Nicola has every right to be angry

I said this was a Liberal Democrat at the time, & I think it is only right Alistair Carmichael either stands down over this. With him being one of the non SNP  Westminster 56 seats he COULD Have came clean over this before the General Election, he never, so is it right he now stands down? He lied, the video is below.

My source was fairly  good here

My source was fairly good here

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The former Scottish secretary has been forced to admit he was behind a controversial leaked memo about Nicola Sturgeon during the general election campaign. Alistair Carmichael had backed the leaking of the report, which claimed that the First Minister had said she wanted David Cameron to remain as Prime Minister. The memo reported the comment had been made in conversation between Ms Sturgeon and the French Ambassador. Ms Sturgeon said called for the Liberal Democrat to consider if he should remain as an MP, saying he had “contested the election on false pretenses.”


A Cabinet Office inquiry found that he had been consulted on the move by special adviser Euan Roddin, and had agreed the document should be released to the media. The report stated that Mr Roddin had provided a copy of the memo to a Daily Telegraph journalist on April 1, 2015, and “discussed the memo with the journalist on a number of occasions”. Mr Carmichael accepted “he could and should have stopped the sharing of the memo and accordingly accepts responsibility for what occurred”, according to the cabinet office findings.

In a letter to Ms Sturgeon, the Liberal Democrat MP said he took “full responsibility for the publication of the document”. “I accept that its publication was a serious breach of protocol and that the details of that account are not correct. I am clear that this was an error of judgement on my part and wish to offer you my sincerest apologies for the embarrassment caused to you and the French ambassador.”


It was claimed the conversation took place between Ms Sturgeon and French Ambassador Sylvie Bermann. A spokesman for Ms Bermann had said in a statement: “While the ambassador and First Minister, some time ago, discussed the political situation, Ms Sturgeon did not touch on her personal political preferences with regards to the future prime minister.” At the time, Mr Carmichael claimed in a Channel 4 interview that the first time he had been made aware of the memo was when a journalist contacted him about the story.


Mr Carmichael is the last remaining Liberal Democrat MP remaining in Scotland, after saving his Orkney and Shetland seat in the May election. The First Minister said: “Alistair Carmichael has written to me accepting that the account of my conversation with the French Ambassador was not correct, and apologising for what was a blatant election dirty trick in having it leaked.

“I accept his apology, but the real issue is that he should be apologising to the people of Orkney and Shetland, because he clearly contested the election on false pretences. “Mr Carmichael said at the time that the first he was aware of this matter was when he received a call from a journalist, but we now know that this is simply untrue. The false memo was leaked by a special adviser acting under the authority of Mr Carmichael. He knew all about it, but said in public that he knew nothing until a journalist phoned him. “As well as the original dirty trick, which was bad enough, Mr Carmichael then tried to cover it up – and is only admitting it now because he got caught.

“He needs to seriously reflect on that – and reflect on whether his actions and attempt to cover them up are consistent with his position as an honourable member of the House of Commons.” A spokesman for French Ambassador Ms Bermann said she would not be making any comment. Cabinet secretary Sir Jeremy Heywood ordered an inquiry into how the note got into the public domain.

The investigation into the source of the leak looked at official phone records, emails and print logs, before interviewing those who had access to the document. The Cabinet Office said the investigation team “concluded that Mr Roddin, with the assent of Mr Carmichael in the circumstances described above, was the direct source of the Daily Telegraph story”. The Cabinet Office has also confirmed that Carmichael and Mr Roddin will not take their severance pay after leaving the role.

Mr Carmichael apologised to both Ms Sturgeon and the French ambassador, saying : “I should not have agreed this. It was an error of judgement which I regret. He added: “Had I still been a government minister, I would have considered this to be a matter that required my resignation. I have therefore informed the cabinet secretary that I will decline my ministerial severance payment.”

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    • Hey Lynell. Thank you. I write and some people read, be it 1 person or 100,000 people. All I hope is my message I learn from people I interact with is heard, felt and shared to others. I am everyone, I am everyone’s equal, I am lucky, very lucky to have an audience to write too. The pleasure is always mine and when I am trapped due to my life issues I can come here and interact, inform, evolve, be active in all peace movements I can identify with and become an activist, low level at that 😀

      Thank you, people like you make me write. I see humanity in life, sadly when I turn on TV or Internet on any medium I see hate and oppression, death to worse than death, I see evil, so do you.
      This is why it’s important to drum the sounds of peace and hope others catch on, become knowledge so they can in turn be my active nature. I do this for others, for me for #Solidarity.

      You might like this..

      If Fathers Day has meaning I hope you get that meaning. If not, please, have a brilliant Sunday.



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