This girl is a symbol of a migration policy that has dehumanized our species

This is a real girl, same age as my 2 Daughters. We need know this

This is a real girl, same age as my 2 Daughters. We need know this

First I must say thank you to a friend David Milligan for showing this and sharing this. I had reblogged it but I had to write what was in my heart here. What you see floating there in still water is a little girl. What you are seeing here is ignorance by our World leaders, the consequence of intolerance of immigrants. We all have opinions on immigration, strange as it is mostly American’s, I won’t spend a lot of time writing about the USA but most people in the USA are immigrants from Europe or elsewhere. I myself, like you have family who have moved from my land to your land or other areas in the World, this is ok, this is politically correct, the World as a species are fine with people moving from Scotland to Australia, USA to Europe, anywhere to anywhere as long as they have money and can deal with their own life. Sadly a line has been drawn, an invisible hate line where people who are escaping certain death in their own country by any means possible, often leading to the image you see above we class as nothing, well it is not nothing it is everything and something we MUST change. I write about this most days and I know I reach all parts of our World but I often ask myself “Do people actually take it in?” I know I do, I can sit and cry over this, sadly others read then go make lunch as if this is just normal in our species, for me that scares me most. 11903806_1031950223491500_121247630948379406_n Also we can’t forget the terrorist agenda in this story. People who say? Leave the UK to fight with ISIS (US/Israel/UK Funded, I proved this already) We are allowing people to leave our land, fight for ISIS and they can re-enter our Countries, lives and World. This is also a huge part of the problem, so we must turn the coin around World.. Awful debate this at time. We can’t throw hate at hate but as a Human, if this image doesn’t make you angry, sorry, you ain’t human. And I mean to disrespect. Only opinions I can share here. I am not above nor below any human. I am just me, you are you. Be we who we become is the story.. 11916099_1031950220158167_5527360048982861438_n This little girl is a Syrian refugee. She did not ask for this, she did not ask to be born into hate and an education philosophy our species has stamped onto little girls like the girl in the picture above. All we can really know from this image is someone tried to save this kids life. Her parents may or may not have been with her, facts are this little girl was being ushered away from something. She was being taken away from danger to try and save her life. Now she is a statistic we as a species must accept as our own downfall. Sure we will and do blame our leaders all over the World but please, go and stand in-front of a mirror and ask what part you played in this. With every vote you make and with every political decision you make we all make it easier for our World’s powerful and greedy to allow what happened above to keep happening. Human rights are lies of privileged hypocrite nations when babies drown for freedom. This little girl is a symbol of what our species has become, I know I care and I know others who care but the people we pay to care don’t care.


War Child by The Cranberries
Via Beth Crosa on You Tube

11889506_1176668362349707_7502308659483055987_nDoes anyone really think this is the first time a little girl has died at sea trying to escape War? Does anyone thing this is a one off? We look to UKIP and other right wing leaders and thinkers here in the UK and all over Europe and ask simple questions. This could be your Daughter escaping war, this could be our life, our reality, do you care yet? This was named “For the urgent attention of every World leader today” I will take it one step further and say “THIS IS FOR THE URGENT ATTENTION OF EVERY LIVING BREATHING HUMAN BEING WHO CAN READ THIS AND DOES NOTHING” Why do we not help? The questions this image raises are many but the answers sadly will be less. How can we claim to be human and not be upset over this image? How can we claim to care and not share this image and this story. How can we let this keep happening? How many invisible babies will we allow to die in the name of ignorance? There are a few who have more money than the many, people worth billions of pounds who make profit at the expense of anything they can. I once as a kid used to ask myself “Why are people poor” I guess as a 40 year old adult I am asking the same question but at a higher level. This little girl didn’t want to blow us up or cut our heads off, we must have knowledge in this story and all these stories. In a World slowly starting to hate Muslims, all Muslims because they refuse to educate themselves we who understand not all Muslims want us dead must spread the words of truth. I will get abuse from Americans for writing this, but all the serve to do is prove us right, the people who do care

Not until we as a species start to care, do more than just write, do more than just know will this change. I give as much as I can to many charities, same as many of us do, then we see this image and scratch our head asking how this is still happening. Since I was a kid I have seen the World have yearly phone-in’s where Countries give 10’s of Millions a year for causes like this one, yet that little girl is dead in the water. We must find another way another solution and more important we MUST take the 1% to task over this, no longer can we allow a few thousand people to rule us because they have more money than us. War makes money and the disgusting side of this image is simply she died so some war machine can make money. If we are going to tell the story we must tell the whole story and not just the parts that make us comfortable, I have a global audience the same as others so please, use this global audience you have to share this far and wide, do it before it’s your kid. As a species we have to wake up, I sit here and cry most days seeing these issues, will we ever find a day or know a day where this is not an issue in our World? For anyone against immigration in the nature of helping the helpless, take a good look, take a real good look

When we watch TV, we are full of sympathy for the Syrian people, but when they arrive here, we provide them the label ‘illegal’ and we chase them as petty criminals. This is about people. How we will deal with refugees and migrants be considered in a few decades as a disgrace in the history of Europe. We must change the ‘War Child’ thinking together

Thanks to for bringing this to the table


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    • And it happens almost every day and has for over a year. Only now the media go with it..Now they stop. The media do this for a reason and I don’t know why. But I won’t stop telling the story and I know many won’t either. The media makes people forget, so alternative media keeps the story going

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