USA: Cleveland Protests As Cop Cleared Over Deaths As Cop Murders Continue Unpunished

A judge rules that police officer Michael Brelo acted reasonably in shooting two suspects after a high-speed car chase in 2012.

Cleveland Police Officer Michael Brelo fired through the windshield of Timmothy Russell's car

Michael Brelo, 31, has been found not guilty over the 2012 shooting.

Click HERE <Click for all my #PoliceStateUSA Articles also at the top right you can use any key words to this ever growing obvious story. At a time I am writing about my own Country this Country that still in 2015 claims to be this ‘Beacon for Freedom’ and ‘Land of the free, Home of the Brave’ still exists in the minds of the misinformed. Anyone in America who can’t see the Fascism and the Police State (Click on Both for meaning) then they are either not informed via media or just plain stupid. Millions from within the USA know and understand all I ever write about, the only abuse I actually get are from Religious America who can’t or won’t see it. Truth be told it does not effect my life, but should the USA turn full Fascist it will have trouble for the whole planet. Who funds ISIS? Where are they getting the mobility and weapons? Someone is funding them, the answer to this question is not one I made up, it is one Americans themselves are telling. Click this link HERE for many video’s by American’s who know the USA fund ISIS and click HERE for more links to internet stories. As always links at the bottom from MSM sources and Alternative, if you don’t agree, tell me why. I am not #AntiAmerican I share factual news always, people find it easier to call people like me a liar than confront a scary truth. With Jade Helm and Wallmart stories really coming across as bad I do wonder why American’s don’t act. I will ask you ONE QUESTION America, knowing I won’t get an an answer. “Why is Gun Control so high up the constitution in 2nd place? I say for VERY GOOD REASON. Why do you not act? You have a constitutional right to bear arms against a corrupt Government, all I hear is people moaning, why? “

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Violence has flared in Cleveland after a police officer was found not guilty over the shooting deaths of an unarmed black man and a woman after a high-speed car chase in 2012. Police in the Ohio city said on Twitter they had been called to deal with a large crowd which was claimed to have fired pepper spray at people at random. Officers had also made a series of arrests including at a restaurant where someone had thrown an object through a window, injuring a customer inside.

Cleveland police shooting victims

Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams were unarmed when they were shot dead

The authorities had braced themselves for trouble after the officer was cleared, which saw a small crowd of demonstrators gather outside the Cleveland courthouse, chanting “No justice, no peace”. Michael Brelo, 31, had been accused of voluntary manslaughter and aggravated assault over the deaths of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell in Cleveland, Ohio. Judge John O’Donnell said that the officer acted reasonably when he shot the two suspects while standing on the bonnet of their car and firing several rounds through the windscreen.

Cleveland protests

Protests following the verdict have escalated

Mr Brelo was one of 13 Cleveland police officers who fired a total of 137 rounds at the car during the incident. Five other police supervisors have been indicted on misdemeanour dereliction of duty charges over the deaths and are due to go on trial in July. Experts said Mr Brelo acted reasonably in the belief that the suspects were shooting at him and other officers. The case follows a series of high-profile deaths of unarmed black men in confrontations with white police officers in various states across America.

Cleveland protests

The Cleveland authorities were braced for trouble

Some of the shootings and related court cases have prompted violent demonstrations. Judge O’Donnell said: “Brelo was acting in conditions difficult for even experienced officers to imagine. “He was in a strange place at night surrounded by gunfire, sirens and flashing bulbs. “Brelo did not fire too quickly or at a person who was clearly unarmed or unable to run him over. He did not fire at somebody running away.”

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