I do NOT hate the United States Of America!!!! I do NOT hate American people!!!



OUCH! – I never made this image

Some idiot will see the title and think “Oh here we go, Shaun is being anti-American again” But I am used to it. People take stories of truth I share badly. When the truth I tell clashed with many in the USA all I get thrown at me are stones, some big, some small. I had a friend till a day or so ago before I read on the person’s wall “That guy who scares old American people” Then I decided “Well I don’t need that crap” 😀 Sadly I actually did lose an AMAZING Friend, it was on that person’s wall, about me. In the end they done what everyone does when they can’t argue back, they got nasty, stating “You gave me a bad name” to which caused me to be bemused, I almost fainted. When this happens block happens. I say a LOT “I speak to hundreds of Americans” I then had it pointed out to me “But Shaun there are 10’s of Millions of people in ‘Merica” I already know America is a lowly 4.5% of the World, but it’s a part of the World I would love to visit, and when you click HERE you will understand how I can understand Millions of Americans at once. See what happens is people in the USA don’t get the same news as Billions of others and I, outside and inside America manage to watch or read about America. I had it out with this guy a few months back over some blog I did, he said “You can’t make news up Shaun” I then sent him links from major European news agencies, one being Sky News and another the BBC of the exact same article he was talking about, to the guys credit he replied “Sh1t, why don’t I get this news” I replied “I don’t know, this is a question I am trying to answer for you guys” but the reason I write about the USA, 30% of my Blogging time, is for that VERY reason, you guys truly don’t get the news the rest of the World does. Sadly religious minds are so closed I often just unfriend as it’s like talking to a wall with people who’s mind you can’t change or debate with, often Americans ask ME what the problem is with the USA, “what about this, what about that, why is this happening, how do we not get it on our news, where can I find the truth” and so on. I won’t try and prove it to you because I know I waste my time. The Guy I speak about is now a good friend and certainly more knowledgeable due to him then looking at articles himself, I had done and some from HERE and HERE <You can click both) and none of those are my articles, they are from 10’s of thousands of other people who say what I do, many from within the USA. One thing I must point out again, I did not write the article below and the two “HERE” Links above, I never wrote any of these Hundreds of news articles or made any of the thousands of video’s, all saying what I say. But that aside, below is actually really interesting. People say “Iran want to go to war with Israel” and won’t back down on the Palestine issues, all I say is, look below at a story done by an American site. Why are they telling this news? What is the agenda? is there even an agenda? did you make the agenda up? did your media make the agenda up?images (1) or did a book tell you? Anyway, this below is actually interesting for American people. Also, this is for anyone, any Country, just to show how much America does go to War. I often get the “If it was not for the USA you would be speaking German” And I laugh as in the end it was a Global effort, the USA were attacked at Pearl Harbor and decided to join WWIII. Land of the free, home of the brave? Why do I then get email’s, made up emails to abuse me? Not really too brave whoever does it 😀 I love America, my main room has thousands of pounds of America on it’s walls with canvases and paintings. One day maybe someone who thinks I hate will look at this article and down the right >>> hand side of my blog and see I DON’T HATE. I share news, tell news. One ex friend I said to them “Sorry I ain’t telling you this news” It was about Jade Helm and I am still unsure about it, also with all the Walmart’s closing, go Google or You Tube <Click Both) about ‘Jade Helm’ there is a lot of rubbish in there but also some very strange stuff, I have not told this story because I am not 100% convinced, although people say “Shaun, this $h1t is real” Anyway, they kept saying “NO PLEASE, TELL ME WHAT YOU KNOW” So I kept telling this person the truth or what I was writing or researching and then I get hated for telling this person the truth. And people wonder why people get confused 😀 Life is good, live it, don’t stress it. To my friend, I am sorry, I can’t do that, I don’t hate or want to hate and you can’t make me hate or stop me telling you “Europe will free Palestine by recognizing it and no War will happen” Many Americans have a real difficulty in understanding why Europe and the World are recognizing Palestine <Click) but many know it is happening. You see? People see what they want to see, believe what they want to believe. I don’t believe all of what I write, I SHARE NEWS!!! 😀 But to be fair I do have views. Because of my stupid disability I can’t type forever, this  took me an hour and a bit coming back to it and then doing something else. THANK GOD FOR VOLTAROL GEL! 


Misconceptions can be hard to see, well depends where you are of course


~~~~Via: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/the-fix/wp/2015/05/18/heres-how-much-of-your-life-the-united-states-has-been-at-war/~~~~

Somewhere in the ever-flowing river of flotsam that is Twitter, a simple data point offered by a college commencement speaker jumped out at me before being borne away on the tide of immediacy. This bit of data:


The speaker was ABC journalist Martha Raddatz, and the point is the key one in the intro: The graduates have spent half their lives with America at war.

It’s a startling idea, but an incorrect one. The percentage is almost certainly much higher than that.


Also highly likely to have been done by an American, not me


Using somewhat subjective definitions of “at war” — Korea counts but Kosovo doesn’t in our analysis, for example — we endeavored to figure out how much of each person’s life has been spent with America at war. We used whole years for both the age and the war, so the brief Gulf War is given a full year, and World War II includes 1941. These are estimates.

But the beginning of the conflict in Afghanistan in (late) 2001 means that anyone born in the past 13 years has never known an America that isn’t at war. Anyone born after 1984 has likely seen America at war for at least half of his or her life. And that’s a lot of Americans.

imrs_1_ (1)

These figures shift easily. An end to the conflict in Afghanistan (and, if you include it, the overlapping fight against the Islamic State) means that the percentage of time those young people have lived in a state of war will decline quickly. But that state of war, we are told (I am too young to know better) feels different than America during World War II or, particularly for the college-aged, Vietnam. Moreso than those wars, war today is distant, fought on our behalf. That’s Raddatz’s other, perhaps more important point: Young Americans have lived in a country at war for almost their whole lives, but they have to be reminded of it.

For now…


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3 comments on “I do NOT hate the United States Of America!!!! I do NOT hate American people!!!

  1. You are doing a great job with researching before you are writing Shaun. Maybe some people need more education to understand that.
    Sadly many countries don’t have the press freedom and then there happen things, as they wont here about unless they search outside their own country.

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